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    Letoeles harabim, for all those who travel to Moscow, I want to post this note of caution. This just happened to me in the center of Moscow. This past Thursday night my chavrusa drove me home. I was sitting in his car next to my building when a police cruiser stopped by. I got out of car and walked to my entrance. The police got out and asked for my documents. One cop started to check my pockets, asking if I had any drugs… They left me, saying that I should be careful, you never know what could happen around here at night. I said thanks and I appreciate that they patrol here, I feel safer here than in the US where its dangerous to walk around at night.

    Only when I got home I saw that he stole 1500 rubles from my pocket! B’kitzur, if you get stopped by police, try to ignore them, but do not let them touch you or see that you have money. Obviously it is best to avoid these predators bichlal, with a disclaimer that not all russian police are necessarily thieves…

    Enjoy your stay!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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