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    We know that Elisha did a Nais with the “Eisha Hashunamis” what is her name? (Melachim 2 perek 4)


    The mother of Yona Hanovi; wife of Amitai… I guess search where ‘Amitai’ comes in to Tanach and see if his wife is mentioned with him!


    Yekke 2, there are those that say that she is Ovadia’s wife & Chabakuk’s mother.

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    Bbubbee: I think you are confusing 2 different women.

    One is the wife of Ovadiah with whom the Nes of the oil was done.

    The other is the Shunamis whom the OP is referring to – the mother of Yonah who was revived by Elisha after dying.

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    I thought that Yonah was the boy who Eliyahu brought back to life.

    This boy, I think was a different Navi and his mother was the sister of Avishag HaShunamis


    Yonah was revived by eliyahu hanavi. He is called “Amitai” to hint to the fact that when Eliyahu revived Yonah, his mother (the Isha Tzarfatis, not Shunamis) said, ‘Now I know you are a man of Hashem who speaks Emes’ Since Eliyahu was considered Yonah’s spiritual father, Yonah is called Yonah Ben Amitai.

    Regarding the Isha Shumamis whose son Elisha revived, one opinion says she is the sister of Avishag HaShumamis, though this is farfetched since Avishag lived hundreds of years earlier in the time of Dovid. As others have mentioned, there is a shita that the child’s was Chabakuk the navi. This is hinted by the promise Elisha gave her – ‘next year at this time you will be hugging ‘chobekes’ a son’


    Oh and the wife of Ovadia is a different lady for whom Elisha did the miracle with multiplying the oil so she could pay her debts (from her and her late husband Ovadia sustaining 100 Neviyim in a cave when Achav and his wife were murdering Neviyim)

    The reason for the confusion with the Isha Shunamis is that the two stories are told back to back…


    Obscurer still is the “isha achas”, the millstone thrower from Shoftim tet nun gimmel. She became military legend referenced in Shmuel bais yud alef kaf alef. As a general rule, the suffix modifier echad or achas indicates a known individual. I am not done sifting through the medrashim, but it looks like she is famous but nameless.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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