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    I heard that you are not allowed to say tehillim at night. you may say it if someone needs it but not as an extra.Eg every day I say one capital or every day i say one days worth of tehillim. Is this true? Where is the source?


    I heard this too, and was told not to worry about it. Ask your father or Rav.


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    There you have it.

    EY Yid

    My Rav, a survivor of Auschwitz, was makpid on himself and me NOT to say Tehillim from Shkiya until Chatzos.

    Others are not makpid. Ask your Rav.


    Aren’t there tehillim that one says during Krias Shema al ha Mitah?


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    Need Seminary Help:

    “The Be’er Heitev wrote that Scripture (including Tehillim) shouldn’t be read at night, and from the Pri Megadim’s words we can derive that you are allowed to read Scripture [at night]. It seems that even to the stringent authorities there is no prohibition to do so, rather one should ideally read Scripture during the day, and the

    source for this is a Midrash where it says that Hashem learns with Scripture with Moshe by day and Mishna at night.”

    I hope that you’ll find this to be helpful.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If the source for not learning tanach is because we should be learning mishna, than what’s the story with women? Women have no chiyuv of learning torah at all, it’s all optional. They should be able to say tehillim at night if that’s the case.



    Perhaps, ask your Rav.


    Gamanit: The issue is that that’s not the only source. They say B’shem the Arizal that it messes with Midas Hadin or Midas Harachamim or something like that. So if you’re Mapkid on that it would be problematic for women as well.


    the gemoro is brochis says dovid hamelech woke up at midnight to do thillim. the mekubulim say this is because night time is not right for rachamim but is a time for din. for the same reason, we lehaluchu dont do slichis in tishrei until chatzoys or during the day.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Sam2- thank you

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