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    Have you ever had the indignity of being the receipient or unwitting distributor of a forged $100 bill? Do you have the right to demand whoever paid you with it to repay you another $100, even though the forged bill was confiscated from you by a merchant or bank? Does a shopkeeper even have the right to confiscate an alleged forged bill from a customer? Does he not have an obligation to conclusively prove to you that it is in fact a forgery?


    I once got a fake $20 bill out of an ATM. I thought the bank that I made the withdrawal from would certainly rectify the situation, but they did not. I was surprised that a fake bill was able to get through their system undetected.


    i remember having read one of those handouts from shul with a halachik discussion about receiving a forged bill, and if you could demand to be repaid…but not the conclusion.

    The storekeeper actually is legally supposed to take the bill away from you if it’s forged, i think. Someone i know once took it back though and brought it to a bank where they told him it WAS real but looked like it had gone through a washer n dryer, so had shrunk a bit and looked off. He exchanged it for a fresh bill.

    The Frumguy

    The correct term is “counterfeit” not “forged.”


    Actually I had a similar experience with a 5 dollar bill (these are not usually forged). The storekeeper said he couldn’t accept it because it didn’t “pass” his device but he wasn’t sure it’s a fake either. So he returned it. I think his machine went by color. To me it just looked washed out and I was kind of offended.

    I didn’t bother checking with a bank, but I don’t think they can confiscate it based on flimsy evidence. This was many years ago, I don’t know what testing methods stores use today.


    The correct term is “counterfeit” not “forged.”

    Posted 12 hours ago #

    Wow! Twelve hours and nobody has jumped on your case for correcting somebody. I’m impressed.


    There’s a way to do it. Some are polite about it and some are snooty. This was a polite classification. I commend him for his politeness.

    (You may now comment on the lack of variation of my polite adjectives)

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