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    Where are kosher food pantries located, who is permitted to obtain food products there and what types of food is available?


    How long is food good past its stamped expiration date?


    Depends on the food and who you’re asking

    Also depends on who’s eating it

    Children and older adults may be more sensitive to spoiled or borderline foods…



    Jewish Family Services
    Provides store gift cards for families to buy food – No food pantry

    Jewish Community Food Fund – Go to JFS dot ORG

    “Founded in 1982, the goal of the Jewish Community Food Fund (JCFF), a program of Jewish Community Services (JCS), is to fight and prevent hunger in the Baltimore Jewish community. The Jewish Community Food Fund provides individuals and families facing economic hardship with grocery store cards for use at local food markets.

    For many years, the agency housed an actual pantry, collecting donations of kosher food which were then distributed to needy individuals and families in the Baltimore area. Due to health considerations and space constraints, and to protect the dignity of people receiving assistance, in 2001, the agency decided to no longer collect or directly provide food items and instead request only monetary donations.

    JCS uses these funds to purchase the store cards, which are distributed to individuals and families needing assistance. These store cards give families the dignity of choosing the foods that they need and purchasing perishable products such as milk and eggs. In addition to receiving the grocery cards,

    JCS staff work with each person, providing services and resources to regain self-sufficiency. This combination of services addresses the basic daily needs of the clients, while treating them with dignity and respect.” (JFS dot ORG)

    To learn more, see section titled “Emergency Assistance,” and contact # on this page



    JCS Kosher Food Bank
    Jewish Community Services
    Website: JCSF dot ORG

    “The JCS Kosher Food Bank is the only food bank in South Florida to which those who observe kosher (kashrut) dietary laws can turn. JCS’ Kosher Food Bank provides food to more than 380 families and nearly 100 Holocaust survivors.”

    To register for food and/or additional assistance, JCS Access professionals are available at [see JCS Access for #]
    Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.



    Hamilton Jewish Social Services – HAMILTONJSS dot COM

    “Our Kosher food bank continues to be in high demand by those less fortunate. The list of families and individuals who need our help continues to grow.

    The Hamilton Jewish Social Services Kosher Food Bank enables families to eat kosher food. Our goal is to help everyone remain part of the community.

    Approximately 45 use the food bank on a regular basis and is doubled during holiday times.

    The Kosher Food Bank is service of the Jewish Social Services and is funded by generous donors from the community.”

    Location: 30 King Street East, Dundas, Ontario
    Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 am – 12:30 pm



    The Capital Kosher Pantry -YADYEHUDA dot ORG

    ​Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington
    ​​812 Hyde Court
    Silver Spring, MD 20902

    If you live in the Greater D.C. area, you can fill out “The Assistance Application” to see if you’re eligible for food assistance.

    “The Capital Kosher Pantry is an authorized distributor for the Capital Area Food Bank, thereby enabling us to restock the pantry every week with a wide variety of carefully selected kosher products. The Capital Area Food Bank distributes 45 million pounds of food yearly to the greater Washington DC community through its partner agencies. The inventory is further supplemented from community-wide food drives. ”



    Rina Shkolnik Kosher Food Pantry – GURALJCC dot ORG
    Marion & Aaron Gural JCC – Sustenance Center

    “The Rina Shkolnik Kosher Food Pantry is a joint initiative of UJA-Federation of New York and is supported by the Community Chest South Shore and the Inwood Charities Fund.

    The pantry assists individuals and families by providing nutritious non-perishable food packages consisting of tuna fish, pasta, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, breakfast cereal and much more. We also provide toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, tooth brushes and toothpaste and diapers.

    There are many ways you can help. We accept kosher non-perishable food products, toiletries, cleaning products and paper goods. You may also make a monetary contribution. We are always seeking a team of dedicated volunteers to assist in sorting, organizing, packaging and delivering food to those in need who cannot come into the pantry.

    We are also looking for volunteers to organize a food drive at their school, synagogue, club or place of employment.” (GURALJCC dot ORG – Kosher Food Pantry)



    Met Council – METCOUNCIL dot ORG

    Met Council
    77 Water Street, 7th floor
    New York, NY 10005-4401

    Met Council – New York

    1. Kosher Food Pantry System

    “Met Council’s Kosher Food Network of 30 pantries (and more than 100 pantries for holiday food distributions) is the largest kosher food network in the country. Met Council’s Kosher Food Network procures and distributes kosher food to our network of kosher food pantries. Additionally we provide ongoing support with reporting, pantry set up and maintenance, advocacy and programming

    Met Council works with community organizations throughout the five boroughs, providing enough food for over 7.4 million meals a year. Our partner pantries serve poor and near-poor, food insufficient clients, regardless of their race, faith, ethnicity, sexual identity, or gender.” (METCOUNCIL dot ORG /Kosher-Food-Network)



    2. Digital Choice Food Pantry System

    3. Emergency Food Cards

    METCOUNCIL dot ORG / Kosher-Food-Network


    How does one know which kosher food pantries ate legit and which are a scam?


    What would the point of a scam food pantry be?

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