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    bein hasedorim

    Does anyone know of a good website that can help you create a nice website of your own, that doesn’t cost any money, and also doesn’t put advertisements on your site?


    You can always make a blog- Go to

    but it is limited


    I don’t think there is anything like what you’ve asked for, especially if you want your own domain name (e.g.,

    You’ve got to pay something.


    Bein hasdorim

    Id suggest you ask this on a computer or internet related website where there are many people knowledgeable enough to help you.


    Ive heard a radio commercial from verizon offering this but you have to be realistic if you want something good you should pay for it. There are plenty of freelancers who would work for $3-$4/ hour.


    I would be very wary of anyone who will work for $4 an hour. To be honest a half decent freelancer will charge at least $25/hour. (I charge a lot more than that). You can do it yourself if you want. You can host it on google app engine (for free). If you want to build a web site get the book “Head First HTML + CSS” It will walk you threw much of what you need to know.


    ZachKessin – Related 2 Shua Kessin?


    Plenty of people in other countries are willing to work for less because their cost of living is lower doesnt mean that they are any less capable.


    You can design it in Outlook Express or even in Microsoft Word, and save it as HTML.

    I was wondering if there are free hosting that support ASP. I’ve come across quiet a few PHP only places.


    No no relationship.

    Yes I get the idea that the folks in India or Ukrane may be willing to work for $4/hr. I would still assume that for those rates I would get a really bad product.


    The reason that you have found more places running PHP than ASP is very simple. ASP is windows only, while PHP runs better on Linux, and its a lot cheaper to run commodity servers on Linux.

    (Note much of the development of PHP Itself is done by Zend, which is a company with a large office in Ramat Gan)


    @ZachKessin – Freelancers outside of the US and Israel will work for ridiculous rates. This does not mean that they are unskilled. (I’ve seen decent work from these people, although I have never hired them.) (Where you the poster who said that they are working on an HTML5 book?)

    @HaLeiVi – I wouldn’t use Microsoft word to design websites. The markup generated by most programs is nonstandard and difficult to maintain. Professional programs do generate decent code, but they are expensive and the OP would be better off hiring a web designer or firm.

    @beinhassedorim – I advise you to ask your question on If you want a website, post here and I’ll try to get in touch. (I do charge a lot more than $4/hr.)


    I design websites, if that helps….


    Yes, I’m the guy working on the HTML5 book. The other thing is that depending on what you want from your website (Blog, photo album) you may find that you can use prebuilt components without too much trouble.

    #738029 you can make a free website or a low cost if it is for a business. I have a retail/business website thru them for almost 2yrs and have been pleased.



    Duct Tape

    What type of site are you looking to build? is a pretty powerful tool, they will give you a basic template to work with at a subdomain. (for example instead of you would be WordPress has a lot of add ons as well as basic themes. It is against wordpress’ terms of use for there to be ads on the free version at all.

    Prices for upgrades:

    Domain: $7.50 a year ( + $12 a year to point it to the wordpress page

    To upgrade themes, turn it into a store, or a real enhanced website you would have to host it yourself, this requires paying about $1.99 a month to a provider, and and from there the possibilities are endless…


    how about websites that really give you freebies or coupons?


    I also do web design.

    Duct Tape

    @mewho and have pretty good discount coupons.

    sites like and have pretty good daily deals, and occasionally have a free item, or free after rebate item


    for free web hosting and design without ads


    thank you duct tape

    Duct Tape

    Weebly seems interesting, I’m going to look into it.

    It reminds me a bit of Google Sites (which is also free), but it seems to be a bit more WYSIWYG, and user friendly than Google sites is.

    Do you know the limitations?

    Duct Tape

    Your welcome mewho,

    I’ve personally used quite a few times, and they are not a scam, sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks for a package to ship, but in the end it has always arrived. Their Customer Service is pretty good and respond fairly quickly.

    Member has free websites you can design yourself & quickbooks has a free trial website you can use but only for thirty days

    Duct Tape


    This is better than coupons

    Make your own sale

    Learn how to use your credit card to earn $45- $300 every month

    (No selling involved)

    For instructions- e-mail [email protected]

    (must have internet access)


    OP; and exactly who do you think you are?



    WordPress is a great option, after looking into it and trying various combinations I have found that this is the best way to set up a site:

    buy a domain of your own about $11 a year( is fabulous at customer service) the reason not to take a wordpress domain is because they can decide to take your content offline without notifying you and you have no control of your content

    buy a hosting package (again I recommend godaddy) about $60 a year

    if you buy your domain and hosting on go daddy you can launch the wordpress application on the godaddy site as well and that is free

    then you need a theme for your site which you can also get for free, BUT after spending lots of time working on free themes I learned that they are not upgraded, have bugs and do not work 100%. So if you are serious about a site, you can use a free theme to learn a bit but to insure you can post, update info and not have a virus infected site you should buy a theme. A one time cost of about $80 (

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