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    In the past whenever I have made extra challah, I froze it after I braided it, and its turned out great, except the shape comes out not as nice. Does anyone know if the challah stays just as good if I bake it fully and then freeze it?

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    shmoolik 1

    I wrap each challa in cling film and and put two in a plastic bag together . they unfreeze very well. I take two out on erev shabbat and put them on the platta [or blech]. good luck I am shmoolik wife


    I completely bake mine, wrap it super tight and freeze and it literally comes out as good as new.:)


    Of course Challos freeze well.

    I bake all my Challos but keep them lightly browned.

    Fri afternoon I rebake 2 Challos for Shabbos and brown them some more.

    Delicious fresh crispy Challos!


    Challa will stay just as good if you freeze after baking. If you know you will be freezing challa, bake through first time around, but remove from oven before you have a very dark, well done crust. Seal tightly in plastic bags. When you remove from freezer, shpritz challa with a little water & put into hot oven on heavy duty foil or cookie sheet immediately. Very hot- 400-425 F for short while (10-15 minutes) or medium hot- 325-350 F for longer. Some family members tell me they like it even better than fresh. I prefer lower temp, as at higher temperature you need to keep an eye so you don’t burn the crust. Probably best not to remove challa from freezer and leave it sitting around at room temp.


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    Thanks so much! I would have never thought of underbaking it a little and putting it back in for a little erev shabbos, such a good idea :).

    shmoolik 1 wife – whats cling film?


    I bake in advance and freeze ( or even when I buy challahs in bulk), sealing tightly in giant ziploc bags and squeezing out the air. Then when I need them I put them in the oven right from the freezer and bake for about 10-15 minutes at 350, then turn off the oven and leave them in until I need them on the table. They come out like fresh baked.


    After I bake my challos fully I just double wrap them and they freeze very well.


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    As soon as you take it out of the over put it in the back of the freezer. You can even take it out of the freezer a month later and it wld be kst as good!


    More_2, I would let it cool off first, and wrap it well, otherwise it will get freezer burn and smell off. If it is not cooled completely and is wrapped while even slightly warm, it will produce condensation in its wrapping, which will make the challah soggy. Cool it on a rack, then wrap airtight and freeze.


    yes, always wrap and bag when the challas are cool otherwise there will be moisture within

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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