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    does anyone know how to make really good french fries or sweet potato chips??


    Take potatoes ( as much you need ).

    Peel them , cut them.

    Then you put it into warm water for about 5 minutes.

    dry them before frying.

    when you Are done add salt.

    ED IT OR

    what language do you people speak?

    in England they are called Chips.


    Not only that crazybrit we call potato crisps potato chips confusin aint it?


    We speak English.

    You speak British.



    FYI they are now known as “Freedom Fries”.

    Queen Bee

    I love British!


    u can jsut bake em in the oven instead of frying.

    peel em, slice em and place em on a oven liner sprayed with pam. sprinkle some salt/pepeper/garlic powder (if u like) and bake till they get golden. eat em right after taking out of the oven. they are yummy!


    Sweet Potatoes:

    Preheat parchment lined sheet for 15-20 minutes in 450 degree oven. If you don’t preheat they won’t be crisp, but are still delicious.

    Cut the the sweet potatoes into sticks. Spray them with cooking spray and sprinkle with very little oil. Add seasoned salt or some salt, pepper and paprika. Put them into pan in a single layer and bake 25-30 minutes. Turn once after 15 minutes.


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    aidel_maidel use Kosher Certified Virgin Coconut Oil as your Oil for frying. This is the healthiest, even healthier than Olive Oil. Baking them with Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthier way to prepare.


    i give up! i guess no one knows how to make good fries. i want them like store bought… the oven doesnt work for that. and sweet pototo chips- i think shnitzi and and sushi k bar have them like round crispy slices of sweet potatoes. i dont live near any of them so was lookin to do it myself. but thanx everyone for your ideas

    Avram in MD


    To get them like store bought, you’ll probably need a deep fryer.


    The closest you are going to get to store bought… Heat oil to no more than 325 Degrees F (use a candy thermometer). Peel and cut potatoes into sticks approx a 1/4 inch in width. When Oil reaches temperature, put the potatoes in to oil and fry for approximately 10 min. The potatoes will not get crispy yet, the purpose of the first fry is to cook them thru. After approximately 10 minutes take the fries out and place on a paper towel. Bring fries to room temperature. After Fries reach room temperature, bring the temperature of oil up to 365 Degrees F, and put the fries back in to oil and fry until crispy, approximately 5 minutes. Keep in mind the double frying method is critical to get good non soggy fries.


    I fry my French fries in oil of no less than 10W40 weight in the summer, and 5W30 weight in the winter. I try to use fresh oil, but sludge adds a taste that just cannot be forgotten. WD40 has fewer calories than traditional oil, but some people do not care for the light taste of food fried in WD40.


    Foodies. thanx this sounds interesting. did you ever try it? whats a candy thermometer? where can i get one?


    A good franchise?

    There are many. What do you like to do? It’s a little complicated, but….


    Go to Kosher Bite in Baltimore and order the fries.


    Tried, Tested. This is a Professional Method. Fries that most restaurants use, and what you would buy in your local supermarket are all pre cooked already, that’s why you do not have to do the first fry. But when you are using raw potatoes this is the correct method. A candy thermometer is a thermometer that is used for high heat applications, such as melting sugar for candy, or in this case Deep Frying. Most Cooking thermometers don’t go to extremely high temperatures, while candy thermometers do. Also to make it easier, candy thermometers generally have a clip on it, so you can clip it dirrectly onto your pot. They are available at any houseware store, as well as Wal Mart.


    u can jsut bake em in the oven instead of frying.

    The OP asked for French Fries, not French Bakes.



    “what language do you people speak? in England they are called Chips.”

    oneofmany: “We speak English.

    You speak British.”

    what you talking about…my foot you speak ENGLISH you guys speak FRENCH:p!!! LOL, the ENGLSH are polite, you guys aren’t!!!


    I just peel and slice them and fry them in canola oil until golden brown. Some people put them in ice water first to soak off some of the starch, then let them dry and fry. In one place I ehard they sprinkle a little sugar on them, as well as salt. Never did it, myself.

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