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    Someone fluent in Yiddish/English/Hebrew can learn a LOT more Torah than someone fluent in Spanish/English/Hebrew. Yiddish is a very useful and handy language for a Yid.



    If you learned in Yiddish you might actually learn how to respond to a comment instead of just post something that has nothing to do with anything.


    Yiddish is Ashkenaz Laguage, Sephard mean SPAIN. So if you are Sepahardic the proper language to speak is Spanish not Yiddish.

    By enforcing your views on others you are showing your hated for all non-ashkenazic jews whose mesorah is not to speak yiddish.


    It appears that only one attempting to force their views on anyone is you. You are the one admonishing people for learning Yiddish. Myself and others are wondering why you want to exclude people for having the opportunity from benefitting from knowing Yiddish. A language that is specific to yiddin, hence it’s name.

    And don’t start preaching about Sephardim and Spain, the overwhelming majority do not speak Spanish because Spain is Sefared. That is a inane comment. And if that were the case, the benefit of learning should have nothing to do with bring able to tell the goy that you need a bolsa. Which is what you started with.

    1) typical of you to complain that others are “forcing” views on others when you are the one telling people not to learn Yiddish.

    2) preferance for Yiddish over Spanish has nothing to do with anti sefardic tendancies. Preferance for Spanish over Yiddish would very likely be related to anti chassidic or yeshiva tendencies.


    ZDad: It’s sad that you couldn’t communicate with your great-grandfather, but you could just as well blame your mother for abandoning yiddish instead of blaming your great-grandfather for not learning English. The reason more Jews speak English today is precisely because such a lack of continuity, which is manifested in many other factors of assimilation.

    I’m not trying to be too personal here, I just want you to gain some perspective, so please don’t take it as such. I’m talking about America and using your words to illustrate my point, even though I hardly know anything about you. I don’t I want you to point fingers at anybody either, especially not your mother, just realize that there’s another side to every coin.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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