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    Anyone know of frum gyms or trainers with good hours like motzy Shabbos and not too pricey for men in Brooklyn?


    Try buying a bike. They get the job done despite the bike itself not being “frum”

    Reb Eliezer

    What about YMHA and YWHA?


    Bikes are not a substitute for a complete gym.


    My proposal – Daf @ the gym. Treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. Shtender or projector. Daf @ 6, Shachris @ 7. I’m 80% serious. Flatbush.


    You can always try to get hagbah more often. Maybe go to a shul populated with older people.

    Reb Eliezer

    What about a thread mill?

    Non Political

    Forget a treadmill. It’s expensive up front, needs ongoing service, and takes up lots of room. Your best bet is to get basic strength training equipment and get a trainer to come to you. Suggested equipment:

    1) Olympic style barbell
    Ideally a 7′ – 45LB barbell. If room is an issue get the 5′ – 25LB version.

    2) Weight plates 45LB x 2, 25LB x 2, 10LB x 2, 5LB x 2, 2.5LB x 2
    Ideally bumper plates ( acctually has an “Everyday Essentials” set that is very inexpensive). Otherwise regular cast iron plates are fine. Note that even if you go the bumper plate route the 5 LB and 2.5 LB plates will be cast iron.

    3) Squat rack. If you don’t have room for a rack you can get squat stands

    4) Doorway chin up bar. If you cant do chin ups yet get some assistant bands.

    Train 3 days per week. Hire a good trainer to come to your house and teach you how to safely perform the following lifts.

    Day 1
    Low bar back squat
    Chin Up

    Day 2
    Low bar back squat

    Day 3
    Chin up

    Once you get the above lifts down you’ll want to learn another 3 lifts. the front squat, deadlift, and floor press.

    *If you want to bench press you”ll have to add a bench to the equipment above. Since I use the floor press as an assistance exercise for the press I don’t bother with a bench.

    For Cardio take a brisk walk on the days you don’t lift. You can also skip rope or do jumping jacks for warm ups on your lifting days.


    You can just get a trx suspension trainer. There are over 300 different exercises that can be done with it. When bought on trx website you get 1 year access to the trx app which has workouts for any level. You can target any muscle group you want. I was looking to but exercise equipment for home instead of buying expensive equipment which takes up room I bought the trx. Very happy


    The “Y” is the best option for gender segregated hours. As others have noted, one or two past efforts to run a “kosher gym” failed financially based on very low turnout from the frum tzibur. Its a great idea in theory but very difficult to make the numbers work. I don’t imagine a frum shul or beis medrash will be willing to take some empty space and convert it to a “fitness room” for their daveners or talmidim and install a few treadmills, exercise bikes and some free weights.


    How about going straight to the truth for your strength and exercise? Straight to Hashem. Boruch hanosein layoeif coach
    Blessed is Hashem for giving me strength. Your strength doesn’t come from your sleep or morning coffee and meals but comes directly from Hashem. Sure we all need to do our hishtadlus but everything comes directly from Hashem.

    A person can sleep for 12 hours and still be more tired than someone else who slept only 6 hours. Cause your strength is not dependant on exercise and sleep and food etc… Bit comes directly from Hashem.

    May Hashem help you and may you come to realize this very soon


    Try walking back and forth from the refrigerator to the table and to the kitchen sink. Bend up and down while moving packages in and out of the refrigerator. Lift grocery bags. Move hampers and laundry baskets. Pick up toys from the floor.
    (and these activities have other benefits, too.)


    Sam: Nice shmooz but one needs to take a certain degree of responsibility for one’s own physical well being, including nutrition and exercise. The inyan of “ushamartem es nafshosechem” is not some abstract prescription but a real-world admonition to do your best to stay healthy.


    farrockgrandma: Unless you’re talking about groceries and laundry for a family of 12 keyn ayin hara, that’s probably not enough exercise.

    Most bochurim probably get enough exercise running around from shiur to essen to davening but not this Alte Chapper.

    Everyone should get at least couple of hours of exercise per week. Boosting the circulation (cardio) and your muscle activity keeps your body sharp for all other activities serving Hashem. If you have the space and the funds, alternate between an elliptical cross trainer and a universal machine or free weights. If you can manage a daily daf video while you’re on the elliptical, even better.


    Both the OP and the poster of 1824696 have since changed
    their names (or had them changed). Interesting.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    What was the op before? (Sam’s is somewhat obvious)


    I don’t remember. Also, Sam (Klein, I assume?) is not the name I remember
    the second poster having (“and I…”). Was their name changed twice?


    (I think GH thought it was Sam – it’s his sort of talk – but it wasn’t.)

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