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    I am about to propose. I wanted to know if anyone had a cute frum idea for me. I want to do something big and special but I can’t really think of any ideas. PLEASE HELP


    Have the shadchan do it. You are not related to this woman and should NOT be asking personal questions.


    Do you fly? You could fly a plane overhead with a trail…

    Kidding aside, make sure it’s something that won’t come back to haunt you later.


    Why not just ask nicely, show her how you mean to go on, being a mentsch!

    Just a thought!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Find a romantic spot, give her two dozen red roses, and ask her, “would you be my first wife?”.


    You could go for a walk in a park or on a beach and have a table set up with roses, candles, and a cake that says will you marry me. You could make a scavenger hunt with any jokes you may have and that will lead her to you at the end. If I think of any more, I’ll let yum know. But in the meantime, good luck and may you have many happy and healthy years together! Mazal Tov!


    VM: Maybe he’s a rebbishe einikel, and she’s his first cousin?


    Train a parrot to say, “will you marry me”. Then walk with her past its cage. (But she might answer “yes”, meaning the parrot, which will come back to haunt you.

    Speaking of which, arrange with a professional Mekubal to come to her in a dream and ask the question.

    Throw a rock into her window with a message attached.


    By the bridges/water are really nice have some friends set up a something nice and they can bounce before u come


    I agree with DY, but I would leave out a word.


    haha sam2 i agree with you.

    my friends brother went horseriding in the forest and there in the middle of the forest was a table set up.

    my cousin made a firework at night in the shape of a question mark.

    my other cousin took her to the aquarium, and got a diver to swim past the viewing area holding a sign saying: will you marry me?

    MAZEL TOV!! hope it goes well.

    let us know if there is a mazel tov!!


    DY that was a very popaish post but so funny!!


    The way most people that I know do it, is they tell the Shadchan, “We are ready to finish. Are they?” If you want, you can leave a note saying, “Are you sure?”, on the table to be seen when you come home after the wedding.


    buy a single long stemmed rose,

    drive to a nice romantic spot,

    and sing ‘Eishes chayil mi yimtzah’***,

    then ask her after if she can be your eishes chayil.

    ***note: if you sound like a croaking frog or worse when u sing, skip this step


    Setup a telemarket call for her: press 1 if you will marry me, 2 for more time, 3 to take you off this list.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Thanks, Goq. Ever since Purim, when I dressed up like him, I’ve been having an identity crisis.


    But the teen way is to txt her, WYMM.


    Drive up with a van & ask her ”You want to help me fill this up?”


    Ask her if she’s a feminist.

    “Should I propose to you or are you a feminist? If you are you should.”


    Drive to a cemetery and ask if she would like to be buried next to you.


    Is there a frum way to turn down a proposal?


    What if he asks if she wants to be his hand, his side or his Charufa? Does an Umdena create a Dibur by a proprosal?

    I. M. Shluffin

    This is so exciting! It has to be good – she WILL care. Maybe go to the mall or a pizza shop with her and arrange for a flash mob to start when you two come in. She’ll watch it with you, but won’t notice that it was actually arranged by you until they come to a wedding song and circle around you both and you propose. Is that frum, do you think?

    holy brother

    Haleivi’s proposal would basically be asking her if she learns Reb Baruch Ber, or maybe he’s suggesting a testing communication with and umdenah?

    Unless he knows who your proposing too, generally even today’s biggest “lady-tiflus-lamdanim” don’t learn Reb Baruch Ber (nor R chaim).

    And if the plan to communicate is with umdenah, you can scratch the proposal!

    Best Idea is to be yourself! Don’t copy others, be real and propose with something that expresses YOUR interest!

    One of the chevra

    Why bother proposing???

    Just set up a date, and as soon as you see her say “I hereby pledge 1800- dollars to kupat Ha’ir, and will pledge another 1800- if I get engaged today!”

    Before you get a chance to say “will you” you’ll find yourself


    IMPORTANT! As soon as you’re married, ask her for her Daddy’s credit card and pay up your pledges immediately!

    Whaaaaat??? You don’t beleive it??? Oy Vey! you’re mamish a koifer!!!

    Mazel Tov!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    VM – Have the shadchan do it. You are not related to this woman and should NOT be asking personal questions.

    I beg to differ. There is absolutely nothing personal about it. It is a kinyan. That’s why Sam didn’t like that I used the word “romantic”.


    Why is everything so overritualized in yiddishkeit today?

    Getting engaged is a moment of personal growth, why does it need to be filtered through whichever “hashkafa” the couple is part of?

    Can’t it just be a special moment between two people who are going to start a family together?


    DY: Engagement is not a Kinyan. Don’t even joke about that.


    I LIKE the flash mob idea!!!!!! Let’s hear besoros tovos soon. My son-in-law brought my daughter to the Vanderbilt Museum Planetarium, and then after the “star” show, he took her to the garden area there, where he has set up a dozen roses and champagne, and proposed to her in that gorgeous setting. It was Mother’s Day, btw, and my machetenista and I each got a new child for our present!



    100% of divorces start with a marriage.


    No. They occur after marriage, but the marriage does not qualify as the beginning of the divorce, as it is awkward to speak of a subject as the beginning of its own end.


    My husband is sooooooooooooooo frum that he didn’t even propose. He just took me to 47th St. in Manhattan and we walked into a store where he told me to pick out a setting. Now, isn’t that romantic? BTW, I think this was on our 3rd date. Well – it apparently worked out- our 24th anniversary is this June IY”H.


    The best is a quiet moment with no one else around. Some girls can get embarrassed if they are proposed to in public, and especially if the boy gets all hid friends involved. The best was my sister, who loves puzzles. My brother in law ordered a puzzle for her which said “will you marry me?” when she put it together. We joked at the sheva brachos that it took her a week to answer yes cause she could’t find the last piece…


    By the way, if a parrot asks the question and she answers yes, who will she marry?

    ED IT OR


    Good one, though it does sound familiar


    The frum way is to do it b’tznius. Nothing loud or unusual. The idea of making a big deal out of it does not stem from Torah culture.


    notasheep thats soo cool… AND FUNNY!!

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