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    I am 23 years old. My first date was when I was 20 years old. I have since gone out with less then 10 guys. I know dating a lot can equally frustrate a person however the position I am in makes me feel hopeless. I complain to my parents that they aren’t putting in effort to make something happen, which is just me voicing my concern, I know they are trying their best. We are not an in-the-know family which may be contributing to the situation. All my mother has to say is that I have to Daven and I don’t care about the situation and “that’s the problem.” My relationship with g-d is none of anyone’s business and i despise it when people meddle into this matter. The fact that I want to pursue a career is looked down upon because I’m only supposed to be working and going to school until I get married which makes me so angry. The idea that I am not walking around depressed and teary eyed is astonishing to my family members and sadly to my co-workers. And obviously I am treated like a spinster. I AM 23!! FOR THE LOVE OF –. I have tried to network myself and am part of a large social circle but this has not yielded results in being set up.

    The above text may send mixed messages, so does she want to get married or not? I want to be in a relationship without the pressure of married. If am not going out , I don’t want to be pitied- this make me feel desperate and needy (which is a feeling that is a product of my society)

    After scoping other options to find someone on my own and coming up with nothing. I am feeling hopeless

    rant. over.


    #I honestly did not get a clear picture of what you were trying to get at, besides for the fact that you were frustrated with your single status and with how the people around you are treating you.

    So, therefore, I’m sorry that your going through a hard time, and I hope it all works out for you really soon.

    And I hope just the fact that you wrote it and shared this helps you feel a bit better!


    Yeah, I agree with hashtagposter. It’s hard to tell what you want; if you want to get married or stay single. The real question is do YOU know what you want? You need to be super clear on where you’re at in life, what you want to do with yourself, what your values are… That’s when you can find a partner who is compatible to you on those levels.

    I wish you much hatzlacha!

    Sam Klein

    every person male or female goes through many tests in life-for that is why we are put in this world-& this is the test of faith that you are holding by. Upon passing a test hashem brings the person closer to Hashem.

    Keep your faith & trust in hashem strong & continue davening & hopefully soon you will be answered & be ready for your zivvug so you can be raised closer to Hashem & go on to the next text of faith


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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