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    Do you guys ever get frustrated with yourself? I’m just sooo frustrated with myself! I just failed with something I did. AAAAAAHH. I HATE to be a failure!!:( Okay. I know I know. I should work on my tolerence level. But…It’s sooooooooo hard! And I’m so disappointed with myself!! Bleah.

    Sorry, just needed to rant somewhere.


    If you never failed, you wouldn’t know how to succeed (or be able to appreciate succeeding).



    If you’d be perfect, you wouldn’t be here.



    am yisrael chai

    Remember: it’s not about failure, but about how you pick yourself up and continue moving forward while learning from your experience.

    Think of inventors who experienced many failures until that light bulb moment (pun intended!).

    Think of Abe Lincoln and all his challenges, yet pressed on to run for presidency and is still a mint image…

    A tzaddik falls seven times and rises…

    You’re a tzaddekes


    thats so sweet ayc and i just read ur response to my unsent letters post and that was great too. You’re on a roll


    Observanteen! QUIT THAT!!

    Seriously, Yes, IMHO! most people must have the times they are going to feel frustrated at themselves and feel like a failure. G-d made us people and therefore we are going to make mistakes and yes, sometimes fail to. But! That does not make us into failures!! We win some and we lose some, but the main thing is that we keep going FORWARD!

    It’s not a prob. to rant as long as you deal with the feeling in the right way.

    And btw, i don’t know if the reason is a legitimate one this time, but i do think that it is a positive thing to be frustrated and disappointed at oneself in areas that you can change. But that doesn’t sound the situation here!

    i’m sorry you’re feeling like this and PLS feel better quick!!!!! Hang in there – keep going, you’re doing great!


    ayc thanks for reminding me of Sheva Yipol Tzadik V’Kam.

    One of my favorite sayings. I failed a huge nisayon right after YK but bH I realized I went through it to make me a better person. I still want to just cry all day because of my mistake, even though it is all worked out but still..

    observanteen, you are not alone. Everyone goes through it unfortunately…


    Thanks everyone! That’s so nice. I didn’t think anyone would reply.

    AYC, thanks…How do you know I’m a tzaddekes?;P

    Hey, Princess, you’re the best!!! You actually made me laugh (IMHO)!! Thanks TONS!!


    Well, you bought yourself a shoulder to lean on recently. Go lean on it.


    Pops? What’s that supposed to mean?

    yid4life, kapusta and msseeker: thanks for the encouraging words.

    Feeling better already!


    Chosson. If you’re feeling a bit down, it’s a good a time as any to have a bonding moment where you tell him about your feelings, and he says “oy” and looks sad.

    (And then he tries to fix the problem instead of just commiserating, and then you get mad at him for not understanding, but you don’t tell him why you’re mad because he should figure it out on his own, etc.)


    Oh. Mmmm…think about that. I don’t want him to think (okay know) that I’m freaking out over everything. But your description is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh!:)


    observe, it’s the thing u did that failed. y r u calling yourself the failure?


    Because I was the one who failed, wasn’t I? As far as I’m concerned, things don’t just happen by itself! But thanks for trying to comfort me… That was nice!:)


    Who thinks Popa should quit his day job and be a therapist


    observanteen asks;

    Do you guys ever get frustrated with yourself?

    With myself? No! With everyone else, YES!

    j/k of course. Just take a deep breath,

    breath in<

    happiness and hope

    breath out

    >all the frustration and negativity.

    smile… 🙂

    Then go treat yourself to an ice cream.

    If you’re fleishig you still have wonderful pareve options B”H in most jewish neighborhoods across the world.

    Why you ask? Cuz ice cream is important, like a big smile!

    and together they are unstoppable!!!

    Pareve doesn’t compare? No, but it’s just a pre ice cream treat.

    When you get pareve you get to go again. More ice cream!

    If you live in B.P. and frequent “Zisseh Leik”

    “Sweet lick” in yiddish (j/k) you might run into me often.

    I’m that frustrated! 🙂

    I don’t do sprinkles, cuz i’m a besereh mentch!

    which means I don’t care to wait in long lines with sugar addicted

    teenage girls, or have toddlers leave me a table cleaned with chocolate ice cream instead of fantastic.


    there’s a difference between failing and being a failure. a successful person may fail once in a while, a failure fails more often than not. which one suits you better IYO? I already gave mine.


    bein – 😀 Thank you! i know exactly what you mean when you say ice cream is like a big smile! 😀


    bein: Thank you! and will you foot the bill?;) How did you know I love ice cream?

    MOC: aha. I hear you. That makes sense. You already gave your what?


    MindOverChatter – even if you fail more often than not, you are not a failure! you are only a failure when you stop trying!


    observanteen: my opinion. see 1st post

    mustangrider: thanks. I love that!


    bein hasdorim-youre funny!!


    toomuch00; Thanks! I almost forgot to mention aside from

    1)vitamin D

    2)white teeth (= beautiful smile)

    3)strong bones

    4)”ice cream sharpens your sense of humor.”

    ask my friends…they try to stop me from eating too much.

    After they laugh too hard they start crying(don’t ask me)

    But don’t eat it too quickly… ouch! brain freeze!

    slow down and enjoy!

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