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    That’s the word.

    Something like an attempt to try to explain away why 3 projects due 3 weeks ago, is still in the planning stages. (just got the first done, now, 3:00 am, in case you’re wondering why I was so blessedly absent from the serious discussions here)

    So.. any ideas what I could use for “funfering”

    1) I needed a bit of Fun (funferng). I got so caught up in the CR.. next thing I knew it was morning

    2) Why would you hire someone who’s not smart enough to funfer


    I would give you ideas if I understood your post.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I sorta got it, she’s overloaded with schoolwork and still goesxon the CR when she dosent have tine…like me 😉


    That’s a he. (ever saw a female frog?) And it’s software designing. And it’s intermittent “coffee breaks”, to air out, refresh, recharge, rejuvenate. In short – to take a blissful break. AHHHH!!


    I was just wondering if anyone had access to the official excuse book.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Oh that…I think I lent it to my friend, sorry!

    Didnt kniw you were a he…, I thought you were in like high school…not like yeshiva or something


    Oh! An excuse book. If you give me enough time I could publish one specially made for you.

    lol Shopping 🙂 Find me one high school girl that posts like Little Froggie. Nope, no such thing.


    Shopping- So not the type for lil froggie to be a high school girl! I picture him sitting in his armchair and cracking up at popa’s posts. He has these calm brown eyes and his grandkids are lucky to have such a sweet granddad.

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