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    The new line of DNC jews are that the squad are just “few” Democrats and they aren’t mainstream Democrats. Why did Chuck Schumer give AOC the floor to speak on the passing on RBG where she spoke more anti-America propaganda.


    I have no idea why you feel that AOC should not speak on the floor on the passing of RBG or what this has to do with her not being mainstream.

    Please explain.

    What did she say that you feel is anti-American propaganda?

    From the articles that I read regarding her remarks on the passing of RBG, she was full of praise for the first female Jewish member of the SCOTUS.


    Well for first she isn’t a member of the Senate. And why her of all House Dems? Because that’s the future of the Dem party. Radical Marxists life her. She didn’t only speak about RBG. She also was spewing her typical propaganda.

    Amil Zola

    “The new line of DNC jews are that the squad…” I don’t think a single member of ‘the squad’ identifies as Jewish.


    Never said they’re jews.



    RBG passed away before Rosh Hashana and I wasn’t reading the news during that time but I cannot find anywhere that she spoke in the Senate.
    You didn’t post what you felt she said that was anti-American.
    RBG is a female that was born and raised in NY. She is an inspiration to women. AOC is a female representative from NY. That is enough of a reason to have her speak on RBG’s death.

    Even if she became speaker of the house , so what? She is 100 times more Pro-American than the Russian and Chinese owned hypocrite Mitch Mcconnell.


    Oh Jackk -“Even if she became speaker of the house , so what? She is 100 times more Pro-American than the Russian and Chinese owned hypocrite Mitch Mcconnell.”

    How could that be?!?
    She spouts Commy ideas, and our Country is based on Capitalism.
    Being Pro-American doesn’t include Commy ideas!

    kollel faker

    She wants cabinets status
    But please send her back to the bar


    If the House wants to make AOC the Speaker, that’s perfect. It will accelerate the demise of her ridiculous Party.


    Jackk so why pick the most radical democrat to speak who isn’t even a representative of Brooklyn other than to use her to push her propaganda.


    She does not spout any commy ideas. The commy title is reserved for Trump and McConnell who love and are loved by communist Russia and NK.
    Her views are for a better social network and providing for the poor and middle class in America. It is surprising that the pro-life party hates helping people who are living

    You should read her website for what her views are because I am sure that you will agree with most of them.

    The Democratic party is not dying by any stretch. In fact, they are poised to take back the senate and the presidency.

    The republicans are so scared of the results of this election that they have to ram thru a SCOTUS appointment 30 days before the election. Go figure.

    The only dead party is the republican who had no platform at their convention. The platform was ”
    for whatever Trump wants in the next 4 years.” In fact , there are many republican groups and prominent republicans in open rebellion of the current face of the party such as the Lincoln Group.

    If Trump wins , then we can probably count on at least another 200,000 Americans dead. Again this is the pro-life party.

    If Hillary was President , there would be 10,000 deaths and there would be 10 Senate and Congressional committees investigating her for the deaths.


    “Why did Chuck Schumer give AOC the floor ”

    Schumer is the Senate Minority Leader. He has no power to give AOC or any other non-Senator the floor of the Senate. That would be against Senate rules.

    AOC as a member of the House of Representatives has the right to make one speech each day. Usually they are to an empty chamber.

    So drop the conspiracy theories.


    Besides the fact she wants to pack the court, abolish the electoral college, honor the wish of a deceased which has absolutely no legal backing and threatens impeachment to the ones who do vote for a new SCJ you are right nothing sounds like a communist at all


    “She spouts Commy ideas”

    Obviously your yeshiva education did not include a basic political science class. She is nothing like a communist.

    I write that as someone who does not like her and contributed to her primary opponent. Her ideas are a lot like Trump’s — lacking reason and detail, but good at getting media attention from a cult.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Always good to take a jab at the yeshiva education. You have until sunday night to do tshuva.


    Jackk -“You should read her website for what her views are because I am sure that you will agree with most of them.”

    What kind of dream world are you living in?!?
    Her views from the NY Post:
    “Defund the NYPD by 50%.
    Confront Gov. Andrew Cuomo and push the state Legislature to tax the rich to help fund the Green New Deal and New York Health Act, legislation that would create a government-run, single-payer health insurance system and to prevent state cuts in public services. “In the face of an austerity budget, many of our campaigns will lend their weight to a demand on the state government to tax the rich, putting us directly in the cross hairs of Andrew Cuomo. We welcome his hatred. Remaining resolute now is the time to expand the public sector, to provide social housing, public power [energy/utility supplier] …,” the plan says.
    Use the COVID-related housing crisis to “cancel” rent, thus squeezing landlords of revenue and forcing them to give up their properties and “exit the market” — and have the state acquire the properties and convert them to public housing. Its housing agenda also includes “undermining” the real estate industry’s already diminished clout in the Democrat-run state Legislature.”


    Oh Charlie, -“She is nothing like a communist.”

    I just posted her views from the NY Post. Except for Defunding the NYPD, the rest of it sounds just like Communism!
    Keep dreaming and pretending that the DemonCrat will have some semblance of Normalcy
    in a few Months.

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