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    Rak Od Pa'am

    The story of text messages about the health of a Gadol reminded me ow what happened to a friend of my daughter.

    This young woman lost a child to the dreaded disease. A week before his first Yahrzeit she rcvd a msg requesting Tefillos for

    him. When she contacted the fowarder & asked if she knew who the child is. Of course the answer was no. When told that the yahrzeit was next week she was kind enough to ask for the father’s name so that her husband can learn Mishnayos.

    There should be a way to date these messages.

    d a

    Your totally right.


    When davening for people, I think of them and don’t worry what their (or their mother’s) hebrew names are. I only concern myself with their hebrew names when it comes to making a Mi Shaberach.

    Rak Od Pa'am

    ????? ????

    It seems that you totally misunderstood my point in posting.

    I wanted to point out that one must make sure that the message being forwarded is still relevant. As evident from my story one cannot now how much damage can be done by forwarding unverified info


    happens all the time unfortunately.


    bad information crowds out good information.


    Chad Pami that is so sad. We really do have to be careful before forwarding thoses messages. How CAN we verify these texes/emails? So many Tehillim texes that I received werent even the correct name.


    Best Ima

    Go by the lists or info on Jewish websites. They tend to be accurate.

    YW Moderator-42

    write the date in the text. last names can help too. that way you can find out updates yourself. people should realize that they can edit forwarded texts too to update them etc. there is no need for a million fwd’s in each text.


    If you get a text that a big gadol is sick, before forwarding the text, try looking around online to see if he is still sick.

    Sister Bear

    If you send out a please daven fwd, if you start it, then date it and follow up!!! and if you didn’t start it, say a perek of tehilim and forget about it. Thats my policy.

    d a

    Or, how about tonight? Monsey Hatzolah had a problem with their phone system. Messages went out to call other numbers. Then the problem was fixed.

    Over an hour after the problem was fixed, I got an “URGENT MESSAGE” about it, and it didn’t specify that it was only Monsey…


    On this topic, around a week ago I got an urgent message to daven for David ben Leah, a 3-year-old with some bacteria that was “killing him”. The person who sent it to me left in the forward history and it’s been around. A few days ago, I asked her for an update and she said she had no clue since it was sent to her. I emailed the first name in the history and got no response. I checked imamother but it doesn’t seem to be there. Does anyone here perhaps know any information about this child? I don’t know if I should continue davening for him or not.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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