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    My nephew’s out-of-town yeshiva recently built a game room- a nice room with couches and a pool table, ping pong table, and air hockey. I wasn’t so sure about the judgement of the yeshiva by building something like this. Won’t it take the guys away from learning? What are people’s thoughts on this? Do you know any other yeshiva’s that have a game room?


    Sounds like a Yeshiva for special children.


    Yes. There are many mainstrem Yeshivos that have done this. It is indeed a more recent phenomenon, but IMHO it is normal and good. It provides a safe, healthy outlet for the guys without them leaving Yeshiva. It promotes camradarie amongst the Chevra. And as a rule, it is locked during Seder. Much better then sending time on a phone, no?

    Menachem Shmei

    Indeed, this is becoming quite common. Bochurim need a healthy outlet since they are in yeshivah and not using social media, going out to entertainment, etc. (boruch Hashem).

    These are obviously only meant to be used during breaks bein hasdorim, so the more studious bochurim can stay and learn, while the more restless bochurim can play.

    This is especially useful in the winter when it’s hard to play outside, since most yeshiva lack an indoor gym (game room is a cheaper alternative).


    No yeshivish yeshiva would have such a thing.


    Ujm; all children learning in yeshiva are special!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Ah, and now a word from the elitests

    Sam Klein

    All humans need a break to breathe and relax and socialize with your friends is a good thing to do with your free time

    Reb Eliezer

    I agree. Let that free time be within the yeshivas confines.


    Learn from others: some fancy corporations, like Google, built fancy game and dining rooms, claiming that their employees love to stay at work and use those. Now that they let employees work from home, the managers are not able to convince employees to come back to the fancy game rooms. Turns out, employees would rather stay at home and play in their own game rooms.

    The lesson might be: content of your yeshiva should be the reason to stay there.


    There is nothing wrong with a game room as long as it is used properly. Even yeshivish yeshivas have breaks. What else should the boys be doing?

    Sam Klein

    Life is not a game neither is it a time to play games.

    Life is a time for each person coming down to a temporary physical world to accomplish a specific mission and then be returned to the true world above so YOU can serve Hashem our beloved father and King of kings ruler of the world face to face. Moshe Rabbeinu was the only Navi Holy and so humble enough to serve Hashem face to face already down here in this temporary physical world.

    Other Neviim got their messages directly from Hashem in a vision and had to be in a state of happiness in order to be a prophet of Hashem.

    Guess what?. Anyone blessed from Hashem with a Down syndrome child (which everyone thinks is a curse and a pain) is so blessed and fortunate and lucky to be chosen from Hashem to be the parents of these special neshamos cause actually they holy down syndrome children are more holier than Neviim/prophets and between prophets and Hashems angels in the world above in Kedusha and I stand up for these special neshamos how holy they are.


    Then why don’t we all accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP when such large tragedies strike klal yisroel tragically C”V?

    Why do we just keep living in denial and instead wake up and FACE REALITY IMMEDIATELY? when a serious issue like this arises it calls for immediate wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP like we did in the story of Purim etc ….

    Hashem loves his loving children klal yisroel and is waiting to send Mashiach already bkarov but first we need to do our hishtadlus and beg our loving father Hashem forgiveness and return with serious Teshuva ASAP TOGETHER.

    no parents would ever let their children suffer or punish them but sometimes they have no choice the child won’t listen to do his homework or go to sleep etc….. What de we all call this? A potch of LOVE that we know is for the child’s benefit and ultimate good and in years from now when he grows up he might even thank his parents for the punishment and waking him up for the mistake he made

    Let’s all wake ourselves up from living in denial and FACE REALITY IMMEDIATELY and beg Hashem to bring Mashiach already with our serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASA


    I just bought a pair of Ugg ascot slippers, and I’m wondering- does anybody know if i need to check them for shatnez?


    Rav Ruderman used to say “a yeshiva without a gymnasium, the gantze yeshiva is a gymnasium!”


    If you never take a break from anything, whether it is learning, or davening, or working, it is not a sign or piety or devotion, it is a sign of mental illness.



    Interesting, since NIRC never had an actual gymnasium, just a basketball court.


    @Commnsaychel 🤣😭


    exercise room is a much better idea.


    A coffee room is an even better idea.


    why is it different then a gym to play basketball or hoops outside to play ball which every yeshiva has??
    the fact that its called a “game room” doesnt make it assur


    There’s a big difference between an activity which is exercise, and thus healthy for the body, versus games which are fun but not productive


    Exercise, like learning or working, does not need to be a chore and it is fine to enjoy it.


    These are real bochurim who need some “safe” downtime from their shteiging. They are not robots. Giving them the opportunity to unwind in a structured and supervised environment with a mashgiach ruchani and rabbonim nearby is a net positive.


    the air hockey broke
    the freshies always use it all the time.
    i guess at least there not bateling in the beis
    however some of the older grades do use it at night seder


    I would like to say this story b’sheim omro but I can’t recall the Rosh Yeshiva’s name. It was either in 1950s America, or 1930s Europe a Yeshiva put a new building up. Some of the boys found pieces of rebar sticking out of one of the walls and would have fun climbing up and down. A couple bachurim came complaining to the Rosh Yeshiva, derech Yivonim, etc. etc. The RY smiled and thanked the boys for telling him and said it was a good thing they are thinking this way. He then said that he is not going to cover it up because he intentionally asked the builders to leave it like that so that the boys can get some exercise and fun.

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