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    Ramdomx where do you get kings of Israel and king Solomon etc.? Sound like great games but I never heard of them.


    My family and I just recently got the game Spyfall. Great game (especially with more than four players) and no problem with Shabbos (as the game only consists of cards).

    The gist of it: All the players are at a location (determined by the cards), but one person is a spy and doesn’t know the location. The players begin asking questions of one another. The job of the players is to figure out who is the spy. The job of the spy is to figure out where they are.

    The Wolf


    I just found the idea of Machi Koro Legacy amusing.

    I don’t see what Dominion has to do with Machi Koro (unlike
    the clearly similar Space Base and Valeria: Card Kingdoms).


    Given some of Spyfall’s art, I don’t think I can recommend it to people on this forum.


    (I suppose you might have just meant a gateway game, Milhouse?)


    I just found a game which had this in its description:
    Earn money from festive Polish and Yiddish vacationers

    Letnisko (Summer Resort in English) depicts the development of summer
    resorts along the Warsaw-Otwock railroad in the second half of 1930s.


    Where do you get kings of Israel and king Solomon etc.?
    Sound like great games but I never heard of them.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them over other games, as your first
    “modern games,” or even at all in some cases. Also, although the themes
    might sound appealing, be aware that these games were not created by
    frum Jews.

    Kings of Israel – Amazon, BoardGameBliss
    Kingdom of Solomon (newer printing titled “Wisdom of Solomon”) – Amazon, BoardGameBliss
    QuestZion (The Game of Israel) – Amazon
    Nehemiah – BoardGameBliss
    Promised Land: 1250-587 BC – Out of print, not commercially available.
    Package Has Arrived – I was surprised to find that this is still in print. It’s in Hebrew,
    and it’s not a modern design at all, bit if you’re interested, Google “משחק “חבילה הגיע.
    A Reign of Missiles – Directly from the manufacturer’s website.
    The Settlers of Canaan (based on Settlers of Catan) – Out of print. eBay has lower prices
    than Amazon. (I remember this one as being incorrect in some aspects – perhaps the
    timing of the conquest of Yerushalayim? Something like that, anyway.)


    Random3x, I meant deck building games.

    Speaking of which, have you seen Clank!? Someone took Ascension and bolted it on to a dungeon-exploring board game. Every turn you first play a hand of what is very clearly an Ascension rip-off (they hardly bothered filing off the serial numbers), but instead of generating points it generates movement and hit points that you then use to move around the dungeon. Two games in one!

    And playable on Shabbos. Unlike the latest game I tried, Letter Jam, which *can* be played on Shabbos but it wouldn’t be easy. You’d have to have a good memory.


    And yes, Spyfall’s art is not necessarily for frum eyes. Also, you need a good group to play it. At least 4, preferably more, and they have to know each other fairly well.


    Machi Koro’s not a deck-building game…
    And yes, Spyfall’s art is not necessarily for frum eyes. Also, you need a good
    I am probably aware of any game as old (in hobby years) and successful as
    Clank! (see also Clank! In! Space!, Clank! Legacy). Also, in that same year,
    Tyrants of the Underdark used deck-building to drive a territory-control
    game and Automobiles used it to drive a racing game. This is old news. : )


    (Something might have gone wrong with my last post.)


    I’m somewhat curious about who added “Country Yossi and
    the Shteeble-Hoppers game” (1984) to Boardgamegeek.

    (I realized what happened with my last post shortly afterward;
    I forgot to delete the line I had used as a line length reference.)




    Is anyone familiar with the old game “Overturn” by Pressman. Its sort of like Othello, with forming words. Is there anything similar that can be played on Shabbos, thats an adult word game played on a board, that doesnt require score-keeping? TIA


    Dear Azoi,
    Stack spell.

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