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    Lost: Please go to and look in the archives for Rabbi Noach Weinberg’s video lectures. Short, palatable, and will bring you to a genuine LOVE of G-d which is another deterrent of sin. Fear of G-d will come, in due time. First we have Rosh Hashana to recognize Hashem….only then can we possibly prepare for Yom Kippur. Look at how a bunch of anonymous posters care about you. Wanna know how Hashem feels towards you? Multiply this by a zillion!


    >> Look at how a bunch of anonymous posters care

    >> about you. Wanna know how Hashem feels towards

    >> you? Multiply this by a zillion!

    Thank G-d I have access to many audio lectures in Russian. I know English as well, even though I did not fit into this country.

    The loss of fear of G-d is my greatest loss — perhaps one of the worst losses since the time I was 1/3 my current age of 43.

    I have also wasted many years working on Math, Physics, and Statistics which I do not like. I believe that a person reaches maturity at 13/12 and then he/she declines.


    Fear of G-d comes with focusing on G-d. If you do Mitzvos and pay attention to what you are doing that will make you more aware of G-d.

    Your point about 13/12 rings true. I observed that most people don’t mature past that stage.


    It wasn’t a waste because Hashem doesn’t do dumb things. Ever. You just don’t know WHY you spent so much time on all that – YET.

    In the meantime, pursue your dreams without wasting time NOW, and don’t dwell on what can’t be fixed.


    I don’t believe that to be universally true. There are those who suffer eternally and have no chelek at all in Olam Habah.

    The way the Ramchal (ie kabbalistic) explains it, gehenom, while not necessarily limited to 11 months, does not endure forever — at some point, the whole thing is vanished from existence, and the neshamos of people who do not make the “cut” (that’s actually the way he says it) cease to exist together with gehennom. And gehennom is only one of many, many goodies that are waiting up (down?) there for people, but Chazal talk pretty much exclusively about gehennom because it’s the most prominent one (if i’m remembering the reason correctly. I assume there are others in any event anyway).


    Gan Eden for the baal ha’agalah (Wagon driver) is a place where he”ll always be driving his wagon downhill.

    Who said that??



    Although your past may not have been ideal it doesn’t make it a waste. Theres certainly many things you learned that others may not know and these things that you learned both about life and yourself will help you to make the most out of the rest of your life.


    I do not know if I can be fully observant — I tried to increase my level of observance in 1991–’92, winter 1996-’97, 2003 and now.

    At least I should try to integrate as much as I can into a real or virtual Jewish community. That will probably help me keep a better level of observance.

    What will happen to the semi–observant Jews? Will they have any share in the World to come?


    >> I’ve read “outside books” and according to Rabbi Akiva,

    >> one who reads such books has no Chelek.

    I am sorry. Can someone please explain me which books are not permissible? Are the following books harmful/forbidden:

    1) Ancient legends such as Epic of Gilgamesh or Greek legends.

    2) Books not included in the Bible such as the Book of Enoch.

    Even if they are not strictly forbidden, I should avoid further damaging my soul.


    Lost, there are no categories. We are Jewish and we are all supposed to follow the commandments. Whatever you manage to accept and follow through with will get you ahead. G-d does not take your hardship for granted. It would be worthwhile to connect with a Kiruv experienced rabbi so that he can guide you on a healthy, stable path.




    In gan eden you have a Jewish accountant and an Irish bartender, in Gehinnom it is the other way round.

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