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    I hop everyone is doing well. Last week I had excruciating headaches, felt weak and had the chills. I had not take my temperature but don’t believe I had fever. I assumed it’s Corona advice heard someone tested positive ND the only symptom he had was a strong headache. I’ve also heard of many people having strong headaches, chills and weakness, some with fever and some without, do I’m assuming the symptoms I had was from the virus.

    By Shabbos I felt like the virus went away. Tues though I started feeling a bit weak again and I started to have a dry cough and felt pressure on my chest. I had read that it’s normal for symptoms to go away and then return. I didn’t want it to get worse, so after hearing about the garlic drink made with garlic and water that some day helps and some don’t, I decided to actually eat a small garlic clove. My coughing totally went away. But like medication, you need a certain amount, I would say like one or two a day, which makes the coughing totally subside, although after only the first 2-3 times taking it you still may feel pressure in your chest which takes a while to subside, but the coughing has subsided immediately after eating the garlic.

    Fresh garlic is very sharp so it’s important to eat it in tiny bites and very slowly.

    So first of all, I want to clarify that I’m not sure that I had coronavirus, I am assuming from hearing people have similar symptoms. Secondly, I am not guaranteeing it for sure will help all coronavirus victims. But since it is only garlic, it is harmless to give it a try.


    As a medical professional, garlic is known as an antibiotic. Covid19 is a virus. Antibiotics don’t work against viruses!


    Health, I forgot to ad that you should do research because garlic is known remedy to help for coughs. Plus garlic helps boost the immune system so I’m sure it can help fight the virus to some extent.


    Garlic works great to prevent Covid19. It encourages social distancing!


    If you eat enough garlic, it will aid social distancing.


    If nothing else, garlic will help maintain the required social distancing.


    I’m glad you felt better from taking garlic, but please don’t publish folk remedies at a time like this. People read things like this and take it far too seriously. There are stories of people who let their children suffer and nearly die from preventable illnesses because they stuck potatoes in their socks instead of taking them to the doctor.

    Please please please, if you or someone you know is feeling ill, call a doctor immediately and heed their advice.


    Health, well the medical profession does not know EVERYTHING. There are continuous studies done for a reason.

    All I can say is that I was coughing a lot yesterday and was afraid that will get stronger. So I took the garlic yesterday and stopped coughing. I was coughing a bit today in the morning and took only a quarter of a garlic clove as it was very fresh and almost burning my throat…and my coughing is extremely minimal, b”H.

    I’m not saying that the garlic is totally fighting the virus. I’m now feeling weaker than yesterday, having chills and still feeling some pressure in my chest. But IMO the coughing would have been way worse had I not taken the garlic.

    People can try it for themselves and see if it works.

    Uncle Ben

    Health: As a medical professional why would you be familiar with garlic as it is not a drug?
    Firstly garlic is not an ” antibiotic”. It is known to have anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties so it should help for covid-19. As always consult a health professional before using especially if you have other conditions and/or are on medication.


    Really, you can’t publish your experience with a healthy food? Sorry, the internet is full of articles about healthy food. No one is forced to eat garlic.

    I honestly don’t understand how people can turn a post where someone is trying to be helpful into a negative thing. Don’t want to try garlic, so don’t, no one is forcing you. But people are allowed, and should be encouraged, to share what works for them. That there are crazy people withholding required medical treatment is no one’s problem other than people who do so. Information should be shared.

    yaakov doe

    Perhaps someone from the Coffee Room who has an in at the White House could pass this vital information to the President so he can announce it at his briefing.

    Amil Zola

    Without a controlled study there is know way of knowing if your cough would have gone away without the garlic. As others have said this is not the time to tout home remedies.


    The comments on this thread are ridiculous. Doctors have no magical answers, and ERs only want almost critical patients. To tell people to not try home remedies first in this scenario is ludicrous. Of course if one experiences difficulty breathing, the ER is the answer. But for most trying Zinc, garlic, vitamin C, D etc. at home in relatively safe doses to shore up their immune system, this is the most logical thing to do. Don’t take a medication on your own, discuss with knowledgeable people and use common sense, but don’t be a lame duck.


    Thanks to you all for being so friendly. I checked out a while ago from here and now I see what I missed from not posting here… I was just trying to share MY experience with, and MY opinion about, GARLIC. Seems that everywhere you can share info and experiences but not here…

    Thanks all for wishing me a refuah sheleimah. That’s so thoughtful. I’m so overwhelmed from the caring and positive vibes I get here, I’ll definitely post again here (not).

    And now not sarcastically, thanks Uncle Ben for being the exception here with your rational comment.

    P.S. Btw, doctors don’t know everything. A while ago I had a condition which I self-diagnosed and the doctor I went to told me I was “fine”. I was uncomfortable with his “diagnose” as I knew there was something wrong. Sure enough, I went to a different doctor who sent me to a specialist…long story short, I was correct with my diagnose and needed and had surgery. I’m not saying you can make dangerous medical decisions on your own, but if people can’t take a natural, healthy food without an ok from their doctor then IMO it’s absolutely ridiculous. Do you also call the doctor before ingesting candy made of dangerous chemicals or cake and cookies full of saturated fat? Or even when wanting to eat healthy foods like fruit, do you call the doctor then as well? I don’t understand this obsession of asking doctors everything, if you people indeed do so… Instead it is belief that you don’t do that, but you are just being ridiculously judgemental by telling readers that THEY can’t take GARLIC without the approval of their doctor… You can try a bit of garlic, it was used as medication for sick people for milleniums, and see if it helps you regardless of the naysayers on here. Of course, if you take medication and ingesting garlic may cause problems, or if you have underlying conditions and even a bit of garlic may be harmful to you, then OBVIOUSLY, as with any food that causes you to have a negative reaction, don’t eat it or discuss it with your doctor. OBVIOUSLY.

    Really, it never occurred to me that I can’t share my experience with GARLIC without being attacked and made fun of…


    I agree with Philospoher and Mammele. and thanks Philospher for your helpful information. I hope you are feeling better and have a refuah shelema b’karov.
    Let’s realize that if there is one lesson we can learn from the whole pandemic here is that HKBH is in control not us mortals. It is astounding to me that the doctors will admit that they don’t have a cure or a remedy yet are so confident in saying this and that medicine or this and that remedy is foolish. Who are they to say. Also, there have not been enough studies to say yay or nay in any direction really. This is called novel coronavirus for a reason. It is new.
    It could be that home remedies can work up to a certain stage and beyond a certain stage they don’t. Bottom line we don’t know. It is up to us to do hishtadlus. Hishtadlus is social distancing, it is hand washing, wearing gloves, and or masks, it is using hand sanitizer at times, it is calling a doctor when necessary, going to an ER if that is necessary C”V. and other physical hishtadlus. and that can very well include trying home remedies as preventative or early measures, such as vitamins, supplements, gargling, acv baths, herbs, etc if one catches it early enough. There are many that are being suggested. can’t hurt to try. the original post was not saying these can replace calling doctor, taking a test, going to hospital when indicated. And some of these remedies can make the non-critical yet very painful symptoms ease so it is definitely beneficial to share these remedies.
    As well there are spiritual hishtadlus in addition to above – Tefillah, Tzedakah, Teshuva, Limud Torah, Taanis, Taanis Dibbur, Listening to a shiur, Shmiras haloshon, lighting shabbos candles early,chessed etc
    Let’s daven that HKBH accept our hishtadlus and bentch us with the geulah shelema


    Thank you Mammele and ChalabiJew (as well as Uncle Ben whom I thanked in my earlier post) for your perceptive and rational comments. I mamesh felt attacked and bullied by the others simply for sharing my experience with garlic so that others can try this remedy for themselves.

    ChaalabiJew, I am b’chasdei Hashem feeling much better than yesterday. B”H. It was more scary than simply not feeling well, having the classic symptoms of coronavirus with fever (mine was constantly only low-grade), dry cough and weakness, I was afraid the symptoms shouldn’t get worse seeing where many others ended up…

    All choile Yisroel should have a complete refuah sheleimah!


    Indeed we do not know of an effective treatment for COVID-19 today. All evidence is anecdotal only. Some people who don’t understand what they are talking about are promoting a flawed French study of hydroxychloroquine. But a much better Chinese study found that it didn’t help. Nevertheless the Chinese study was small so clinical trials are underway. Similarly, there are clinical trials of other possible treatments and also of a possible vaccine.

    You can find the clinical trials at clinicaltrials dot gov. Pray for their success and STAY HOME.



    Reb Eliezer

    It says by the doctor ורפא ירפא double language whereas by Hashem is only one רפאך. Why? I asked some dictors. One said, to ask for a second opinion. The other said by the doctor, we have to return to cure the side effects by Hashem there are no side effects.


    Philosopher: I hope no one was trying to denigrate you.
    I have one question: You must have done dozens of things the day you took the garlic. By what rational or scientific criteria are you showing that it was specifically the garlic that made you feel better?
    Temporal juxtaposition does not prove causality.


    rational, I have no problem when people voice their opinion that they are skeptical that garlic “cured” the cough as I originally said. It bothers me that people call sharing my experience “dangerous” or crack a joke that we should tell Trump about it…

    Now I feel that not only did it heal my coughing, it also boosted my immune system to fight the virus so that my symptoms did not get worse not prolonged. Of course, the bottom line is that everything is bashert, garlic or no garlic, but b’derech hatevah, I feel the garlic relieved my symptoms, specifically the cough.

    Why do you think I did other things the day I took the garlic? I didn’t do anything else. I didn’t test if I have the coronavirus as I was hoping that it will blow over quickly and there’s no medication that can cure it regardless. Although there are people, including many doctors, who have seen patients respond positively to hydroxychloroquine. In any case, for relatively mild symptoms, I believe they don’t even administer the test as they preserve it for those with severe or even critical symptoms.

    Now I’m not trying to scientifically prove anything. If I would want to scientifically prove my theories regarding the medicinal properties of garlic and that it heals coronavirus then I’d go work in the medical industry or a pharmaceutical company.

    All I’m saying is that I believe that the garlic helped me and it may help others who are having symptoms of the coronavirus, or any virus or disease for that matter. I felt immediate relief of my coughing after ingesting the garlic and it’s a fact that garlic has immune boosting properties which I feel helped my body fight off the virus.

    Regardless, garlic eating was my hishtadlus, and with Hashem’s help it seems to have helped. This is my opinion, it is not a scientifically proven fact and I have never claimed it to be. People can try it for themselves and see if it works for them.


    Philosopher…I back you!
    All I did for the painful chest of mine and the cough was taking fresh garlic, putting in a pot with water, let it boil for a nice while. I turned it into a tea. Took one gulp and I immediately felt a soothing sensation as the garlicy tea went down. (It didn’t taste that bad…and i dont like garlic)
    (I tried tea without garlic, it didn’t do that)
    Philosopher is not saying it is a cure, they are simply giving you something to ease the discomfort. (And maybe. It is hard to sleep with a heavy chest and a annoying cough. Stop with all the need for proof that it works!!
    Actually from a medical standpoint…garlic when not aged contains Allicin…which is a compound that boosts the immune system. Garlic has been known to help infections as well.
    So maybe, (that maybe is underlined ) it could even help cure…but that is not what interests me:)

    All this ona’as devarim is definitely very conducive for eradicating the problem. Worse then the actual virus is the way some of you people speak. You can disagree all you want, just put a bit of machshava in to the things you are writing. Worse then the unpleasant aroma of garlic is the rotten middos that some of you display. Just because you are anonymously posting doesn’t make you truly anonymous. You are a member of Klal Yisroel and every thing you write, whether we know who you are or not is a chillul Hashem. Fellow Yidden, please!! A bit of thought. I know some people rile you up with what they say, and you so cant stand anything but truth, calm down before responding. You look so unintelligent.


    Reb Eliezer, true. We can, and should, consult with doctors, but Hashem is the ultimate Rofeh.


    And this is why one does not rely on unsolicited medical advice from anonymous posters, just as one should not rely on anonymous posters for halachic concerns.


    Dr Hall, PhD said
    “But a much better Chinese study found that it didn’t help. Nevertheless the Chinese study was small so clinical trials are underway. ”

    I don’t believe a word from the Chinese.
    A doctor at Lennox Hill used it with good results.
    Dr Zelesko used it with good results.

    Maybe the Chinese want to hoard it all for themselves.


    GAGA, thank you. Indeed as you write “You can disagree all you want, just put a bit of machshava in to the things you are writing”. Exactly. There’s no need for people to be disrespectful, dramatic or make fun of someone’s opinion when that person is simply talking about their experience with a home remedy. All they could’ve say that for them they’d rather not eat garlic based on someone’s one time experience, or that they would feel more comfortable taking garlic after talking to their doctor about it, or something neutral like that. No need dramatically declare that “it’s dangerous” or make fun fof someone sharing their opnion/experience about using garlic as a cough medicine or an immune booster…

    Like you, I also experienced the coughing relief right away after eating the garlic and therefore I’m convinced that garlic helped with my cough as well as boost my immune system to help fight the virus. As you say, I never claimed that garlic cures coronavirus.

    bais hillel

    I’m in awe how some people are reacting to one who is sharing his positive experience with this flu epidemic.
    instead of ridicule, you all should be thankful and be appreciative to one who shared his benefits in order to help others who may be in the same situation.
    Do you have anything better to offer?
    If you have nothing positive to say, shut your computer and say thilim or learn tora.
    No one has an monopoly on knowledge, eve if the have a wall covered by degrees. Many famous drugs are based on so called “grand mother remedies”, which includes digitalis (foxglove plant), aspirin (from the willow tree).
    Chazal teach us that “Who is a wise man, who learn from everyone”.
    Be humble and love your fellow Jew.



    just read an interview with Dr. Anna Novikova. seems in is high 60’s or older.
    In the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, can you advice our readers as a doctor?


    bais Hillel, thanks. I know you directed your words to other posters, buy I appreciate it.


    Per Dr.Ferrer, pulmonologist in Florida (Cleveland Clinic Cough Clinc), Xylitol-saline nasal spray is advisable (among other things).



    Nobody reputable is saying anything like this. The virus is in the trachea and lungs, not in the esophagus. Unless you’re going to pour hot tea into your lungs, this does nothing. Google “drinking hot tea for covid-19” and you’ll see that this theory was debunked.


    I will tell you exactly why this thread is dangerous. I spoke with a relative in BP who has coronavirus, tested and confirmed. They told us that their doctor can’t get the medication they are supposed to get, because there are shortages. But they now knows that garlic and tea are sufficient, and all these guidelines aren’t necessary. This misinformation could be literally sakanas nefashos, endangering millions of lives.

    The OP was sharing his/her personal suspicion that they had a deadly virus, and a statistically meaningless personal experience. I’m sure this came from a good place, but this is not how medicine and science works nd these stories endanger lives. The OP did not create this claim – these are false narratives that have been circling the internet for weeks and have been disproven. Check Snopes. Check every reputable medical site and journal. Speak with your own physician. Do not take medical advice from the Coffee Room.

    It is dangerous to yourself, and everyone else around you.

    The Alter

    The Italians have always bragged about the fact that there so healthy do to eating tons of garlic. Well they can’t brag about it now.


    jdb, you wrote “I spoke with a relative in BP who has coronavirus, tested and confirmed. They told us that their doctor can’t get the medication they are supposed to get, because there are shortages. But they now knows that garlic and tea are sufficient, and all these guidelines aren’t necessary” What in the world does that mean?! I don’t understand what you wrote. As far as I could understand your relative in BP cannot get medication because there’s a shortage so they are trying to treat it garlic and tea…it’s sufficient for most people. Obviously, if they could get medication they would. The US government repeatedly said that they will not treat those with mild symptoms. Those with critical symptoms such as shortness of breath will get treatment, otherwise they will not be treated. If all people who get the virus will go to the doctor or emergency room then out medical care centers will collapse. It is already stretched to the limit. Some doctors do give medicine, like that doctor from Monroe, I forgot his name…but most doctors give nothing for coronavirus if the symptoms are not severe.

    Regarding my suspicion that my symptoms were coronavirus, 80% of people who get coronavirus in the US are not tested due to shortages of tests. These tests are withheld for the majority of people and mostly given to critical patients. Regardless if one is tested or not, he mA large percentage of people who are sick from viruses likely have coronavirus. Now before you scream at me for “my disinformation”, I was at the doctor with my daughter last week who was also not feeling well. She had different symptoms than me and I just wanted to make sure that she doesn’t have strep. So I took her to get a culture taken and it was negative. The doctor asked if there was anyone sick at home, i said I was sick and now felt ok, and previously other family members were t feeling well, and the DOCTOR (for those who are sold on doctors knowing everything) said that it’s most likely the coronavirus that my daughter has and that my family had. And she did not test my daughter nor give her medication…

    P.S. for those likely to go into epiliptic shock that we went to the doctor even though we likely had coronavirus, we followed all procedures we were told to follow, including wearing masks, so don’t worry.

    Please stop being ridiculous. It’s important to go to the doctor if symptoms become severe, regardless of whether vitamins, garlic or other home remedy was used. Everyone knows that and sharing home care remedies doesn’t change that.

    Avi K

    Garlic also keeps vampires away. People too. However, in general it’s very healthy.


    “All I’m saying is that I believe that the garlic helped me and it may help others who are having symptoms of the coronavirus, or any virus or disease for that matter.”

    Edited  You are suggesting that other people try your remedies without an ounce of rational or scientific basis, let alone proof. You tried it and liked it? Good for you. Don’t suggest it to others, you are in over your head.


    rational, Exactly. I said I BELIEVE that it helped me fight the virus. Please look up the word “believe” in a dictionary. Beliefs are not necessarily based on proven facts. Good for you that you hold no beliefs because beliefs are not based on actual proven facts which you obviously need in every aspect of your living your life. Good for you that you only know things as facts that are scientifically proven. It’s mamesh an inspiration to me that everything that you do in life is based on lab findings.

    For others who would are having fever, cough, weakness, sore throat, etc. and the doctor won’t give them medication as they generally don’t do for viruses, and they want to try harmless remedies, it’s their choice, not yours to make. You don’t rule the world, btw. No one is forcing you to try it, people can decide for themselves if they want to try it and if it helped them. Only Hashem knows everything and you don’t, which means you have no clue if the garlic helped me get over the virus. Again, I never claimed as a fact that it does, I said I BELIEVE that it helped me. All the nosh, cakes and cookies in the grocery stores are way more dangerous than garlic and vitamins, so ill people can try it out for themselves.

    bais hillel

    Philosopher: I can’t improve on your words. You’ve hit the target. Everyone is completely brainwashed by big Pharma medecines, that they can’t comprehend that something as simple as garlic or chicken soup could be of any benefit.
    When “modern medicine” has no answers, we should avail ourselves to what worked for our ancestors.
    The Rambam used herbs and diet to heal, and to by all accounts he was a successful physician.
    When the supply of drugs from China dries up, all doctors will be unemployed, as they have no other way of dealing with sickness.
    May all the Cholim have a Refuah Shelaima.


    A lot of you have presented valid points but in a pandemic like this it is best to follow guidelines set by the world health organization. The WHO states that Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new coronavirus. So there is no harm in taking it in moderate portions but it doesn’t guarantee immunity to the corona virus.


    The WHO is the LAST organization anyone should follow. It has no credibility whatsoever. It is a paid agent of the Chinese Communist Party.


    Philospher -“Health, I forgot to ad that you should do research because garlic is known remedy to help for coughs. ”

    I took your advice & I researched Garlic again.
    Garlic has Antiviral properties; So does Elderberry, Ginger and many others.
    The problem I found is that you can’t get enough in those capsules.
    On the other Topic – I recommend 200mg/day of Zinc. (Max. 10 days)
    This is most probably is enough to Stop Coronavirus & many other Viruses!

    Doing my best

    wow. a whole bunch cynical people. get a life. philosopher feels that something helped him, so he decided to pass on the info. eating garlic will not hurt anyone. if you want to attack someone there are other more controversial posts in the CR.


    Health, why don’t you immediately contact Drs. Fauci and Birx with your breakthrough ideaof using zinc to cure COVID-19?


    Y.Y. -“Health, why don’t you immediately contact Drs. Fauci and Birx with your breakthrough ideaof using zinc to cure COVID-19?”

    Oh Please, where do you think I got that from?
    Do a Google search on Zinc antiviral.
    Do you think Gov. agencies want a cure from Eastern medicine or from Pharmaceutical drugs?
    I’ll tell you – with Pharm. drugs their JOBS are Secure!
    Who needs so many Gov. Health employees?!?

    But I’ll use anything that works as a treatment, whether it’s from Eastern or Western medicine.


    Actually, I think the government would be willing to accept a cure from witch doctors if it worked. It’s in the government’s interest to end the pandemic.


    Y.Y. -“Actually, I think the government would be willing to accept a cure from witch doctors if it worked. It’s in the government’s interest to end the pandemic.”

    How do you know what’s in the Gov. interest?
    Obviously I don’t think the hired workers in the Gov. are that interested in a quick solution.
    Maybe the elected officials are interested, but NOT the career employees!
    Get it?!?
    Your attitude is extremely widespread in this World.
    You should Not Believe everything you read or hear or see in the News!
    Ever Hear of something called “FAKE NEWS”?!?
    It’s easy to call names of other forms of therapy (Your Post – “witch doctors”) than use anything that works.
    I actually believe in Both Eastern & Western forms of MEDICINE.
    They both have things that work & things that DON’T Work!


    Garlic is delicious. Who cares if it is good for coronavirus, social distancing, or anything else.

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