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    I thought I would start a thread that discusses tips and tricks about how to save gas, especially since gas is very expensive.

    1) Make sure your tires are inflated properly. Driving on tires that are under-inflated causes your car to drag, which uses more fuel.

    2) Don’t break harshly. That uses up a lot of fuel. Always keep a lookout on the stretch of road ahead of you so you can plan ahead and try to slow down by easing off the gas pedal instead of breaking at higher speeds.

    3) Remove needless junk or belongings from your car. Believe it or not, that can save enough weight to considerably impact the amount of fuel used to propel your car forward. The heavier your car, the more fuel it uses.

    4) When you’ve completed filling up at the gas station, turn the gas nozzle upside down while it’s still in your fuel tank. You can get a good half a cup of fuel that was stuck in the nozzle out.

    5) When possible, avoid using the air conditioning.

    6) (Applicable in the winter) Don’t turn on your car and let it warm up for ten minutes. That uses a lot of fuel. Bundle up, and drive it (not too harshly) right away. Brush off snow BEFORE turning on your car, so you don’t need to blast the heat to melt it.

    7) (Applicable in the summer) Try parking in shaded areas. Excessive heat can evaporate fuel, and also make your car uncomfortable to drive in (Which will then cause you to use the A/C, which uses even more fuel).

    If anyone has any other tips or tricks, please post!


    Funnily enough, weight does not change the fuel efficiency. Theory disproved on MYTHBUSTERS Show.


    Pass, on the Cholent!!!


    I’ve heard that doing over 65 and going in reverse (not at the same time) uses more gas. Don’t know if thats true.

    Find the cheapest gas in your area on gasbuddy.

    The best gas saving tip (at least for your wallet) is get a ride. Or walk.

    Always keep a lookout on the stretch of road ahead of you so you can plan ahead

    Also a good idea to avoid any detours to the hospital (c’v)



    1. It’s more economical to use air conditioning at highway speeds (above 50 mph/80kmh) than to have the windows opened.

    2. Driving faster then 60 mph starts to decrease fuel economy. (significantly).

    3. It makes no sense to accelerate when you have a red light in front of you. I do not understand why people have to race to the red light, and then hit the brakes.


    Years ago I got this advice. “Drive as if you have a raw egg between your right foot anf the gas pedal.”

    Also, buy a diesel car. Diesel fuel in NY costs 7% more than regular gas but diesel cars get 25% to 30% better mileage. Plus a good diesel car is good for 250,000+ miles. Try that with a hybrid.


    When arriving at a red light, do not edge forward constantly until the light changes as these little start and stop procedures burn a lot extra gas.


    Also get a manual transmission car, especially if you do lots of

    city driving, and then you will significantly save on gas.


    Em, I can tell you why I race to red lights. It is an opportunity for me to fulfill a mitzvah. Stopping at red lights is demonstrating my fulfillment of dina d’malchusa. It is also a kiddush Hashem. If I wouldn’t hurry, the light might be green before I get there and I lost an opportunity.

    am yisrael chai


    One can edge forward constantly by just removing one’s foot off the brake, this should probably not burn any extra gasoline.



    The most effective way to save on gasoline is by getting rid of your car.


    Bump ☺ Thank you


    Bad advise for not warming up your car in the winter. U maybe saving gas but your damaging engine snd possibly transmission.


    “Bad advise for not warming up your car in the winter. U maybe saving gas but your damaging engine snd possibly transmission.”

    That’s false. Your car warms up much quicker while being driven than it does while idling.


    Connecticut has an anti-idling law…….no more than 3 minutes is legal. That coincides with a reasonable engine warm up time in cold weather.

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