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    Does anyone know of any online database that lists gas stations in the NY metro area that sell kosher snacks?


    sorry i don’t know where you could find it online (maybe google it) but i know that most gas stations will have kosher chips, chocolate (probably not cholov yisroel), and maybe some other stuff! good luck!




    Yes, most gas stations will have hechshered chips, nuts, and candy. Some will even have kosher yogurt or fresh fruit if you want something healthier.

    I have passed through Pennsylvania many times on road trips and I heartily recommend the local Sheetz chain of gas stations. They are always well stocked with many choices.


    I go on a lot of road trips in really random places and it’s actually hard to find someplace that doesn’t have SOMETHING.


    You’re probably referring to gas stations that accomodate people going up to the mountains. lists the following:


    Route 17 North

    1. Exxon

    178 Rt. 17 North

    Rochelle Park, NJ

    2. Mobil

    360 Rt. 17 North

    Upper Saddle River, NJ

    3. Valero (formerly Mobil)

    193 Rt. 17 North

    Mawah, NJ

    (last Mobil before the thruway)

    Route 17 South

    1. International Motor Plaza

    Truck Stop, Mawah, NJ

    2. Valero (formerly Mobil)

    (first Mobil after the Thruway)

    198 Rt. 17 South

    Mawah, NJ

    3. Exxon

    75 Rt. 17 south

    Ramsey, NJ

    4. Exxon On The Run

    Ridgewood, NJ

    Route 4 East

    1. Exxon

    120 Rt. 4 East

    Engelwood, NJ

    2. Exxon

    484 Rt. 4 East

    Engelwood, NJ

    (last Exxon before the George Washington Bridge)

    Route 4 West

    1. Exxon

    2338 Rt. 4 West

    Ft. Lee, NJ

    (first Exxon after the George Washington Bridge)

    2. Exxon

    119 Rt. 4 West

    Engelwood, NJ

    3. Lukoil (formerly Mobil)

    20 Rt. 4 West

    Hackensack, NJ

    Palisades Parkway

    1. Citgo Station

    Between exits 4 & 5



    1. Exxon

    Harriman, NY

    At junction of NY Route 17, Route 6, & NYS Thruway


    1. Shell

    Rt. 59 Between Robert Pitt Drive & Rt. 306

    2. Getty On The Hill

    Rt. 59 corner Remson Avenue

    There used to be a gas station on the periphery of Crown Heights that had a little cafe with bourekas and all!

    The Rio gas station on 38 Street in Borough Park may still have a deli.

    In Monsey, there’s a gas station that seels Chaim Zieg’s famous heimishe chulent.

    Something about getting chulent at a gas station is equally comical/ironic (think about how chulent affects the kishkes) and kind of disturbing. OTOH, what a testament to the vitality of suburban Americanized heimishe life in Monsey, that you have a glatt kosher gas station selling chulent, and even a 7-11 selling glatt kosher franks and other foods.


    For the klal, re: rebdoniel’s post:

    The 7-11 is at 59 and College across from Chai Pitaland (if anyone’s interested)- the gas station with cholent is the Getty on the Hill mentioned above.

    However, DON’T stop in Monsey specifically for gas. The prices are quite high, especially when we have New Jersey around the corner. (And you don’t even need to get out of the car!) The only place in New York State where we get gas (unless our tank is literally running on empty) is Costco.

    Don’t bother going to the Citgo gas station on the Palisades for gas (for snacks, maybe- I believe the store MIGHT be a little bit bigger). It’s negligibly less crowded than the ones by the GW, and is strategically located RIGHT by the NY/NJ border in such a way that while it’s thirty seconds from NJ, it still has NY prices.

    Why not just buy snacks at Walmart or Costco or your local supermarket? Much cheaper.

    Now, what I’d REALLY love to know is which rest stops have good bathrooms.


    When I travel (frequently, I go to different places across the Eastern seaboard, to Boston, Philly, DC/Silver Spring, Roscoe/Livingston Manor, etc.), I usually just bring my own stuff in a big insulated lunchbox- hummus, salatim, crackers, sandwiches on Gluten Free bread (how convenient is eating a sandwich that’s shehakol?) fruit, cheese, chips, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese with preserves, crudites with dressing, GF bagel with cream cheese and lox, etc. When I am in places where the kosher dining scene isn’t so great, I typically eat in a similar manner.

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