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    I may be offered a position in Newcastle soon. I’m looking for any information anyone has on the community in Gateshead? Is it just Litvish (as I think it is) or are there chassidim there also? How big is the kehilla? Could my wife (Israeli but also English-speaking qualified metapelet) find a job there?

    Also does anyone know any Jewish realtors there who deal in rental properties?

    Any (useful) responses will be highly appreciated!


    been there for a year or two, gatshead is a very yiddishe area, its not really chasidish its mainly just very frum, yeshiva bochur type. its a very small area the jewish area (bensham) but theres still a good few thousand families and hundreds of bochurim from the different yeshivas, theres a cotsworth road where theres a kosher bakery and kosher shops. its also about ten minutes drive from the largest shoping centre in europe (metrocentre).

    gateshead as a whole is a bit of a dump and not the safest place to be walking through at night.

    the nearest other cities with large jewish communities are manchester (about 3 and a half hours drive away) or london about 4 and a half hours drive south away

    anyway i hope that answered your question, anything else just ask


    notice you asked about properties.. you do need in the bensham area (the jewish area) as other areas nearby arent really safe to be honest, it is a very cheap area of the uk to live in, you can rent a house in bensham for about 350 a month full house

    Be Happy

    There are about 500 familes. Almost all are litvish. There are a handful of chassidim. Not a very “Jewish friendly” town if you go out of the Yiddisha neighbourhood. They have very late nacht in the Summer being so north. Latest is about 11.30 pm


    gateshead is a small kehila. very frum and they want to keep it that way. its not like a regular town more like a shtetl.

    the shopping is good, but for your wife to find a job will be a challenge.

    the jews live all together and when you go to the non jewish area it a little anti-semitic

    the place is full of sem girls and yeshiva bochrim.

    good luck in whatever you do!!


    Thanks! The job I’m being considered for (and pretty likely to get, I hope) has a salary of 1950 GBP monthly. I think that should be pretty decent out there for 2 people (no children yet)?

    Thank you all!! I really appreciate your answers.

    Ken Zayn

    Try to find out from the relatively new Gateshead Rov’s family who recently moved to gateshead from the states to take up his position. They can compare life there for you. I think his name is Rabbi Zimmerman


    thats a really nice salary your getting there.

    just brace yourself for the really short wintry days and ultra long summerdays!!!!


    Mr Breslaur;

    We would be delighted to welcome you to our town of over 600 families. Gateshead is an amazing place to live with excellent weather most of the year, and the most hospitable and friendly local non-Jews anyone could wish for. Its actually very safe and secure with Police patrolling every hour on the hour and excellent liaison officers.

    We have all the necessary amenities to offer like any other kehilah. We are not “the backward shtetl” that people like to make us out to be. We are blessed with the most yeshivos and sems in Europe, two shops and half a mikva. We even have a BAGEL SHOP!

    Finally, the biggest advantage of Gateshead Kehillah is the vast mix of different types of yidden, all held together by a very special Rov Shlita.

    Looking forward to meeting you SOON


    The new Rov in Gateshead is Rav Zimmerman. He moved there from Monsey a few years ago. Very nice people, you should definately call him and speak to him before you move there.


    To set the record staight, Manchester is not 3.5 hours away. It is 144 miles door to door, making travelling time 2 hours or 2.5 hours in traffic!

    Gateshead is lovely village, based on the alter shtetl style. It has one rov who does a great job. The vast majority are litvish yeshiva type. There are about 5 yeshivos, two sems, one girls school and one and half boys schools. (A new started a couple of years ago, and is still in its teething stages.)

    One butcher and baker. There is a tax charged for meat brought from out from town – shechutay chutz!

    If you are a “heavy weight” you would fit in well.

    Having said that, there are many baalei batim there too, but they are looked down upon as inferior by the “bnei torah”

    These are my own personal views having learnt in the yeshiva Gedola and married a good lady from there, but HATE going back!


    Thanks everyone. 🙂 I look forward to knowing more in a few days…. Nothing is final yet. If it all goes well maybe I’ll be there already before Purim.


    So, did you get the job?


    No definite offer yet…. It’s just next to the table, almost on it but not yet. 🙂


    im worried about ur wife! i would imagine it to be a huge move (from where i live atleast) and very lonely and boring. certainly if she doesnt have a job and espercially if she doesnt know anyone. the weather is also depressing. its dangerous. the community is small n theres not much to like do… (for a distraction shed ever wanna go out one day) i dont know how much ur making but i hope its worth it for her and not just for u. and i hope u both know exactly what ur considering…


    I’m from Gateshead. I’ve lived there for 20 years and I’m happy to answer any direct questions you may have. You can ask the mods for my email address, or just post your specific Q’s here. Hatzlocho!


    Got the job! 🙂

    It will be very difficult for my wife indeed…

    I am trying to get in touch with Rav Zimmerman now…


    mazel tov, may you be matzliach.


    im so happy for you!

    may you have much hatzlacha!


    I too happen to know Gateshead very well. Great to here you got the job! Its a great place! Let me know if you have any more questions. Didn’t really understand properly from your post whether you’ll be living in Gateshead or Newcastle?


    Rabbi zimmerman +44 191 4771847


    If you really want some background information you could try to contact some of Rav Zimmerman’s former mispallalim in Monsey, NY. He was known by everyone in Monsey and if I’m not mistaken was the Rov of two different shuls within a very short time span.


    all I know about gateshead is that my mom learned there back in the the dark ages

    and she didnt like it, it was too frum for her


    if you get up early enough on Friday morning in the summer you can drive to the Lake District, go for a walk and drive back in time for shabbos!

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