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    My mother is of the opinion that everyone should stop eating gebrochts so that they can share in the burden of our brothers and sisters who don’t.

    For those of my brethren and cistern who must spend 7 or 8 days eating every form of potatoes and eggs out there, please, share your most exquisite recipes with us. Tell us what brilliance you have constructed, what edible delights you have formulated, that tantalize your family a whole week.

    Tell us…your non-gebrocht recipes!


    i am a diabetic should your mom stop eating sugary treats to be supportive of me? no


    cistern ?????

    Which mikva has eggs and potatoes?


    1. A receptacle for holding water or other liquid, especially a tank for catching and storing rainwater.

    2. Anatomy A cisterna


    Derech: If you want everyone to get together then you stop eating gebrochts. It’s not a big deal. My syster does it all the time to spend time with the family.

    The Goq: Do you make sugary treats for your guests or do you cook with alternatives?


    “My mother is of the opinion that everyone should stop eating gebrochts so that they can share in the burden of our brothers and sisters who don’t.”

    Maybe she can share in my burden for tuition.

    Or ask her to do hatarat nedarim, so that she can share in our enjoyment.


    Lol what compassion!

    We don’t eat gebrocht and it aint that bad!

    Chicken potatoes eggs chicken potaoes eggs chicken potatoes eggs… Times 100 🙂


    “The Goq: Do you make sugary treats for your guests or do you cook with”

    i don’t have guests


    The point was that we don’t eat gebrochts and I was looking for recipes. I guess I need to be a little more straight-forward here.


    my husband doesnt eat gebrokts. but i do. last year when i got married i said i wont either. by the next night i was back to eating gebrokts. it was just too hard.


    Derech, I’m sure you mother is a wise and noble Eim b’Yisrael. But there ain’t no way I’m going a whole Pesach without kneidlach, especially my wife’s, which are light like clouds, and matzah brei.


    goq- well then maybe there should b a coffeeroom kiddush at ur house this weekend so u can figure out how u would make those treats..


    Listen here Cantoresq, and everyone else, we have matzah brei and we keep gebrochts. What has one to do with the other? Lets get this straight. Gebrocht means keeping water out of matzvah or vice versa. It does not mean keeping eggs or oil away from matzah. Therefore, you can have matzah brei without a problem. There is no water in your egg or oil etc. Or else your frying pan will hisssss. And you can make cakes from matzah meal, as long as oil is used and no water added. And even fruit juice is Ok, as only water is machmitz.

    This is just a minhag. mosherose, there is nothing halachically wrong with gebrokts. One word of Lashon hara is a million times worse.


    We don’t brok, but we’re not up to cooking/baking either. So we didn’t dig up our recipies.

    Maybe someone can find the link to last year’s recipies. I do recall someone posting a good ice cream recipe.


    s2021 will u bring the herring?


    Goq- Im sorry.. but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Ill bring the rice krispy treats..


    derech- r u looking for recipes 4 the meals or for lunches/snacks/desserts? Im sephardic and theres barely a difference in the way we cook 4 pesach.. We eat like kings a whole yom tov without needing any eggs or potatoes to fill us up.. Tell ur mom to contact me 😉


    ” ‘More potatoes?!’ Everyone will be complaining

    It’s not my fault, We don’t eat gebrokts!!!”


    sorry s2021 its just not a kiddush without herring but the rice krispies treats sounds yummy


    Ravis- although actual gebrokts is with water, many people keep the matzah away from anything wet,(even eggs etc) as an extra Chashash Chometz.

    Cantoresq- since we don’t use kneidlach- we fry a bunch of egg crepes(dozens and dozens).

    We then cut each crepe into small pieces and add some to each plate of soup- like lukshen!


    There is actually a shaila in the teshuvos if a person who eats gbochts is allowed to change and stop eating gbochts because he is deminishing his simchas yom tov. (Might be a chasam sofer, but don’t recall, I’m not yet into the Pesach mode, still recovering from Purim).


    You want recipes for food or for cake? I love the challenge of cooking for Pesach. I find new and tasty foods every year!

    golden mom

    I make most of the same recipes as during the year in the kugel is add potato starch instead of flour. And we b”h have big variety. Wo too much potatoes nobody really likes it. Onion kugel butternut squash kugel….so much to make

    Let us know what kind of recipes u r looking for can’t copy over it all


    ..everyone should stop eating gebrochts..

    I agree, I don’t know about other people, but I personally don’t like vomit…..oh, my mistake, you probably mean geBROKTs. Carry on…



    Pineapple kugel is delicious, and is made with a little potato flour, no matzah meal as the binder.


    hellllllloooooo what about pesach rolls and matzah pizza???? the classics!!!!


    Anyone here not use store bought potato starch Pesach?


    Fresh fruits and vegetables are kosher year round and kosher for Pesach. I don’t even try to do the fake cakes and pastries and as a result I actually eat more healthily on Pesach than during the rest of the meal.

    Here is one recipe, from *Indian-Jewish Cooking* by Mavis Hyman:

    “Kuccha” Tomato salad

    Cut tomatoes up into small pieces.

    Add finely chopped scallions and cilantro (coriander — fresh is best but dried leaves work well, too).

    Add salt and lemon juice.

    Mix and serve.




    Where do you get KFP rice crispies? I’d like to get some.


    hello – we dont eat matzah meal!!


    So in 30 posts on a thread asking for recipes, only one bite.

    Ken Zayn

    All the people who say they dont eat factory made things and do everything themselves like squeezing orange juice etc. let me ask you – do you buy or make your pesach matzo and wine? Cos either you buy or you make. You cant buy matzos and wine and claim not to eat mass produced food.

    Someone told me they brok but their sons in law dont so their married daughters wont come to them for pesach unless they agree not to brok. He said to me with a sigh that he cant have both… its either the maidelech or the kneidlech!


    Derech, you didn’t say if you want recipes for food (kugels, meats) or cakes, etc. Or do you just want all?


    Ken zayn- we can only be Machmir the most we CAN. We cannot set up our own Matzah Bakery. We therefore, only use from the strictest bakeries, and we choose them carefully.

    Same with wine.

    But whatever we can make alone without turning over the world, we try to do.


    Cherry- if you HONESTLY believe its a shtus, then WHY don’t you eat gebrokts?


    cherybim: It’s a minahag mentioned by the Rama! So you may call it what you wish, but see the Rama and all he says


    For all of you guys who don’t eat gebrochts, please note that gebrochts are not chametz. You can happily eat in some ones house who does eat gebrochts from their pots and keilim. Just ask for soup without kneidlach and don’t eat the jelly roll. Yes you can make delicious cakes and stuff non-gebrochts but I, myself, am a militant gebrochts eater as a matter of halachic principle.

    P.S. The same priciple applies to kitnios. If you are invited to a Sephardic home for Shabbos Chol Hamoed, you can eat the chulent, just scrape off the beans.


    You can purchase time at a local matza factory and make your own.

    You can actually even make your own. Discuss how with your LOR as different people have different ways of doing it best.

    I am sure there is a way to make homemade wine too.

    We eat gebrochts, but there are plenty of non gebrochts options.

    We eat a lot of roast chicken, fish, meat and vegetables.

    This dish is always a hit:

    Cut up beets and onions into small cubes, sprinkle with a little bit of sugar and salt. Bake for about 15-20 minutes. Add cubed white potatoes, sweet potatoes and/or parsnip (carrots would go well too). Add garlic, salt and pepper (cumin during the year). Roast until done.

    a mamin

    Try chicken cutlets in potato starch then eggs than slivered almonds. Its absolutely delicious! Another option is to dip the cutlets into snow from the white of the egg then the almonds.

    Enjoy!! Many recipes available in The Pesach Pupa Cook book.

    always here

    my shvigger, a’h, used to make raisin wine … and, of course, borsht.


    smartcookie, I’d love to; but I’m loyal to my family minhag.

    tbt, I didn’t make it up; but the gra and rav elyashiv did, to name a few.

    Also, look at Orach Chayim:460- R’Yaakov Emden (Sheelas Yaavetz)-he states that the Chochem Tzvi, his father, ridiculed those who took on g’brokst and other chumras that took away from their simchas yom tov.


    smartcookie and SJS: There are more people making their own wine than you would think. If you are Brooklynites, go to the terminal market at grape harvest time and see what goes on. Its a little messy, and the results can be iffy, but it is more than a few meshugaim, i started in NY as a hobby, and it came in handy in EY, as I was able to make enough to get thru shemita, and the year after. In fact I overestimated, and still have gallons to go. This also helped me avoid a certain hashgocha that was getting hard to avoid.

    On matza, YES YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN BAKERY. If you sift thru the halacha and the shu”t, it fairly jumps off the page at you that the commercialization of matzo is not a good thing, the halacha was written for the home or town co-op, and it is a huge enhancement of the mitzva to do your own. My personal interest in this has taken me to look at many operations, and one formative experiance caused me to be mekabel never again to eat a commercial hand matzo. If the mods let and you would like some how to, i can do an off site tutorial.


    SjS; a sock knock off-er: Beet Lemon and Ginger “marmalade”

    2T honey

    1 lb cooked beets

    1/2 t salt

    5T fresh lemon juice

    2-3 T chopped lemon zest

    1/3 cup crystallized ginger ( for pesach you might need to do your own)

    Coarsly dice the beets , add salt, lemon juice honey, zest, and ginger. Mix well with spoon. Serve chilled. Keeps refrigerated 3 weeks.


    Actually, my family is makpid not to eat from keilim that had gebrochts cooked in them in the past 12 months. My grandmother has a special frying pan that she uses for shmini shel pesach to make gebrochts.

    me too

    If you are invited to a Sephardic home for Shabbos Chol Hamoed, you can eat the chulent, just scrape off the beans.

    Chulent in a Sephardic home?? Chamim! my friend Chamim!



    I think it’s great that you can make your own wine and matza. I’d love to learn how. Especially matza. There’s a big inyan to have erev Pesach matzos but they cost a fortune here. I’d love to be able to make them myself but it seems like it would be a really big esek setting everything up.

    Wine would be great just for the shtick since the hechseirim that I eat don’t give a hechsher for wine that has kedushas shvi’is. How did you learn how to make it?


    “Actually, my family is makpid not to eat from keilim that had gebrochts cooked in them in the past 12 months. My grandmother has a special frying pan that she uses for shmini shel pesach to make gebrochts.”

    why? the next time you’ll use the shmini shel pesach keilim will be 12 months later anyways.


    Derech HaMelech: And you don’t put the gebrochts (like matzah into the soup) from shmini shel pesach into each persons individual plates or bowls? if so, those keilim are the same you use all pesach.


    Why? is a stupid question concerning g’brochts.


    Well it would be 11 months and 3 weeks.



    Last year your grandmother could have used her regular pesach pots – its a leap year!

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