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    To communicate the feelings in my heart

    About the Gefilte Kraut fillechlach cooking on my stove

    All telling a story about life, faith and love

    When I do, the results cant be better

    This recipe, from Czechoslovakia and her ancestors beyond, hails

    Gives me a chance to think about what her recipe entails

    Babby showed through her morals, her dreams, her life, her hope

    She lived through the infamous fire, but she fiercely did cope

    She gave us recipes for life painstakingly

    Hoping to see the Yiddishe Nachas she desired, so achingly

    Similar to the fillechlach in my pot

    She suffered through thick and thin, so was her lot

    Through hot and cold, fire and ice

    Metamorphosing after the torture, into something uniquely good and amazingly nice

    Years and years of her many efforts and dishes

    Enveloped with dreams and wishes

    She lovingly would dole

    Offered with her whole heart and soul

    Hoping for the best for her children

    Wishing only the best for them and their grandchildren

    Her goal was that the future generations would carry on

    Traditions she hoped would never be gone

    Each and every fillachel wrapped with much care

    Filled with much love, much prayer

    With much beseeching G-d and much tears

    Throughout many a century, many years

    Lets not let her down

    Lets give her Yiddishe pride

    The gratitude she deserves for how with all her energies she tried

    Lets offer her and her ancestors pleasure, not pain

    No losses, only gain

    For the incalculable travail

    Lets be sure not to let any of their efforts fail

    Lets realize that throughout life we all make big and small mistakes

    Lets focus and implement each others strengths

    And together go to all lengths

    To have peace and serenity in our lives

    With much concentration and perseverance

    Not allowing any negative interference

    Lets pass on the link

    Please pass this recipe, this message, on to your children, with love

    What I’ve tried to enclose is known in the Heaven above

    Please enjoy and savor these fillechlach, my children, I try my best to continue the link from the past

    Please do everything in your power to let this recipe last

    With each effort and love filled fillachel we consume

    Let it in our mind and heart loom

    How rapidly the universe does change


    Niftara Erev Sukkos 5769

    The Best Bubby

    Absolutely beautiful!!! It brought tears to my eyes, as you so richly written, about all our Bubbies A’H. May we all be zocher for a G’mar Chasima Tova and may H’KBH answer all our tefillos le tova I’YH!!


    TBB, Thanks! Bubbies speak the same language…

    May your Brachos be Mekuyam!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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