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    I am trying to develop a comprehensive rubric so people can gauge where they are in terms of their Gemara learning proficiency and gain a better sense of what they need to work on. For example, analyzation skills and lomdus are a category as would translating skills . However, I feel like there are other intangible categories that are hard to label so I would appreciate if people could suggest additional categories and give examples to make it easier to relate to. I hope others will find this helpful.

    Reb Eliezer

    For bekios get the Sefer Kesef Nivchar with 160 sugyos in 3 volumes at from Rav Baruch Bendit Gutein.

    Reb Eliezer

    Understanding Logic – Get Talmud Master which is a program teaching the logic of the gemora.
    Knowing how to set the words – learn the idioms of the gemora – Get Gemora tutor which is a program teaching through multiple choice of the idioms. Once you recognize the idioms, you will be able to set the rest of the words.
    Available at jewishsoftware dot com


    The כסף נבחר was almost as popular as the קיצור שולחן ערוך from the Ungvarer Rov. It has a haskama from The Chasam Sofer as well as the Lemberger Rav Reb Yitzchok Schmelkis who is the great grandfather of Nat Lewin the Constitutional Lawyer.

    I think a good idea to get started is to learn אלו מציאות or המפקיד or maybe תפילת השחר and see how it goes.

    Sam Klein

    Open up a artscroll siddur to rebbe Yishmael oimer before pesukei dezimra and read the English of what these 13 ways that a Gemara can be learnt and figured out etc….


    Can you answer the following.
    What in general is the goal of gemora?
    Do you have your own knowledge of things?
    What is a kushia?
    Which point in which mishnah is this gemora attempting to clarify?
    Can you tell me the maaseh, halacha and taam of that piece of mishnah?
    What is not clear about that specific part that needs clarification?
    Can you brainstorm all possible solutions to that kushia?
    Can you separate the text into parts of a discussion?
    How many ways does the gemorah try resolve the difficulty?
    Does each line in itself make sense?
    Rabbi weber

    Reb Eliezer

    What halacha can you learn from this story?


    As far as your rubric is concerned , the Holy Yeshiva of Telz agreed with that principle. Therefore it had a first shiur where they learned…… a second shiur until you got to the highest shiur. Other Yeshivas were only one shiur. Before the yeshivas were set up you had a kloiz where people just sat and learned indiscriminately. Yeshivas Reb Yitzchak Elchanan had by far the greatest Roshei Yeshiva in America and maybe the world. Even the Satmar Rav would send his best Talmidim to know what was being said in Yitzchak Elchanan. They came in full regalia.


    Basic vocabulary words are a separate category from less common words.
    Defining which part of the text is a Kashya, Teirutz, Rayah, Dichuy etc., where they begin and end, when a new discussion has begun etc. is a skill.
    Ability to read Rashi script is a skill.
    Ability to read and understand Rashi is a skill.
    Ability to read and understand Tosfos (and other Rishonim) is a skill.
    The ability to make a Sikum of a Sugya is a skill.
    The ability to explain why each piece of Gemara follows the previous one is a specific part of analysis of the Gemara.

    Reb Eliezer

    When it comes for Rashi, learn the roots of the hebrew words getting 501 Hebrew Verbs and for the gemora, do shenayim mikra veechad targum. sedra maavir every week.
    The Shlah Hakadash (Shabbos 16) says to do this as a parasha (פ. ס) unit rather than pasuk by pasuk.

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