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    Remember Jimmy Carter was from there and he won his home state. Bill Clinton/Al Gore won in Georgia as well. There are a lot of black voters who’ve started to turn out more and liberal transplants who moved from blue states to Atlanta due to the weather and standard of living.


    Florida is no longer purple or a swing state. Florida has moved decisively to the right and is now solidly red.


    The results suggest that in the 21st century, Georgia is so “red” that only Donald Trump could make it “blue”. Arguably, if Trump/MAGA take over the Republican Party on a permanent basis, and no new party emerges reflecting the traditional Republican platform (pro-business, internationalists, pro-Defense, slightly libertarian, not willing to play games with the Constitution), then the whole country will probably become “Blue”.


    A lot of pundits we’re saying Hillary would win in Georgia and she didn’t. It isn’t just Trump.


    I saw stats explaining some of the strange events lately – many WFH dems moved from very blue states to warmer R- states and changed stats in Georgia, Arizona, etc and some House districts.

    Before tht, R- had home advantage – their share in the gov was higher than the votes. It is more even now.


    In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the red states voted for the Democratic Party and the blue states voted for the Republican Party.

    Then the news media, which supported the Democratic Party, decided that Democrats were somehow losing votes, because they were said to be red.
    So the colors were changed, to what they now.

    Red is a more accurate symbol for the Democratic Party, because their beliefs resemble the former Soviet Union (which had a red flag) and Communist China (which still has a red flag).
    Therefore, the original colors were more honest.


    I always thought Georgia looked green, they have so many tall trees!


    “red” and “blue” were dreamed up by television news people in 2000, and they were apparently ignorant of the fact that in most countries the left is “red”, and the right is “blue”.


    The lack of US history/political knowledge is evident in this thread.
    The Republican Party was liberal from its start. It was anti-slavery
    The Democrat Party of the south from 1865 to the late 1900s was far right, segregationist and against personal freedoms.
    Think George Wallace, Strom Thurmond (until switching parties in 1964),


    The Democrat party of the south wasn’t far right on economic issues(TVA – FDR program). I’m talking about from the 1970s and until now. It went for Carter twice and Clinton in 92. GA in particular is different from say Mississippi and Alabama.


    Whose fault is that?
    Jewish suburbanites


    19th century Republicans were not on TV. The way I learnt indeed that when TV came up with the colors, they put Dems as blue so not to associate them with the Soviet Reds.


    Walker was the only republican to lose a state race, and there were numerous races. And thank King DOnald for that.

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