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    Do some Jews boycott non-car products of Germany as well?

    (I’m particularly wondering about board games.)


    Some Jews do. Some other Jews participate in the BDS boycott movement.


    There was a big machlokes on the CR regarding the rationale of boycotting German products. I forgot who said what.


    Why not boycott everything made by goyim?


    Seriously, Akuperma?

    1) Why?

    2) Major inconvenience

    3) Many things probably aren’t available Jewish-made outside of Israel


    Nowadays, I think it makes more sense to boycott Danish and French products than German.



    My MIL was born in Leipsig. She lost her family and belongings in the Shoah. After WWII the East Germans wouldn’t pay reparations as the West did.

    When the Berlin Wall fell and Germany reunified, she pressed her claims for land, buildings, money, etc. The new Unified Germany said :we need to spend our money bring former East Germans up to the standard of living we enjoy in the Former West Germany. Tough Luck.

    We don’t fly German owned airlines. We don’t buy German cameras or electronics or anything else marked made in Germany. If it was so important to use the funds she should have received in reparations to raise the standard of living in Germany, we won’t contribute to it.


    We should boycott the British for killing us in York and expelling us.

    And the Spanish for the Inquisition.

    And the Italians for destroying the Beis Hamikdash and killing us out in Yerushalayim.



    None of the perpetrators of the atrocities you mention are still alive and can benefit from your buying English, Spanish or Italian products.

    But there are still Germans alive who participated in the Nazi regime and army who’ll not be getting our money. They stole every pfennig my MIL had…should she go buy a Leica camera and give them more? I don’t think so.


    While there are some germans alive who were Nazis. WWII ended 70 years ago. Someone who was 18 in 1945 would be 88 today. You cant really expect an 18 year old to understand everything. Someone who was 30 in 1945 who would have understood would be 100 today.

    Unfortunatly Leipzig was a little differnt because it was in East Germany and many of their reperations did not start happening until the Berlin wall fell. They have only begun recently paying them because of communism


    It’s not as easy to boycott goods from a particular country these days as it was 50 years ago. Even so-called “American” manufactured (assembled?) products contain components manufactured abroad, like automobiles.

    Also, companies that founded in one country get bought out by larger corporations across the sea.

    For example, Braun is a well-known German manufacturer of consumer products, like shavers, powered toothbrushes, etc. Recently, Proctor & Gamble – an American conglomerate – announced that it was planning to shed a number of its brands, Braun among them. They, themselves, had acquired Braun when they bought out Gillette – another American company – in 2005.


    CTLAWYER, so wait a couple of years to get your BMW.


    Which Germans alive were involved in stealing and looting – Germans which can benefit from money you spend buying a German Camera?


    There is no boycott on german items, the jewish market is so small it will not be noticeable. The reason why we dont drive german cars is not that we dont want to support germany rather the german car signifies germany if anyone sees a BMW the first thing that comes to their mind is superior German car not so with Lexus one does not have Japan flash through his mind when he sees one. We dont want to drive something around which screams Germany after what they did to us. Other products are not a problem because they dont scream germany when you see a bosch machine you dont think germany that is the reason my rabbi said all other products are fine but cars not


    I hope those who boycott also boycott Bayer and BASF which are the decendent companies of IG Farben who made the gas chambers


    Also make sure you dont buy any medicines from Sanofi like Amoxocillian, Plavix, Allegra, Maalox or Ambian.


    I didn’t even know Lexus was a Japanese brand.


    Other than Jews, I doubt most Americans know that German luxury car brands are German, much like most don’t know Lexus is Japanese, Saab and Volvo are Swedish or Jaguar is British.


    How do you determine the nationality of a car? I can easily make the case that Saab and Volvo are Chinese and Jaguar is Indian. If you insist that you are correct than you’d have to agree that the BMW SUVs are American (and the Lexus RX is Canadian).

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