gerrer chasidim rules dring marriage?

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    says who


    We aren’t talking about things that everyone will know that they aren’t doing, so how would they be looked as shkutzim. Besides, everyone has a “commadant” to discuss everything privatley, and it’s not the same hanhaga for everyone.


    Feif I suggest you read the rambam again. You took it perfectly out of context. I know what the gemora says about how talmidei chachomim should act as compared to truck drivers. And chickens hameivin yovin as was said. If you want to compare yeshivishe guys to truck drivers and chickens and make fun of Gerrer because they act like talmidei chachomim, go right ahead. I know what the Rambam says, I know what the mechaber says in simon 240 (learn that one a little bit better than you seem to have done, or did you at all), and the gemora. Instead of ploidering, why don’t you all go back to the source seforim and learn the whole thing instead of taking bits and pieces out of context.


    thinking jew:

    “I know from them personally that they have very extreme rules which no other chassidus has and which most other Gedolim strongly disagree with”

    Seeing as you can’t seem to name even one of these supposed extreme minhagim, I find it hard to take your accusations too seriously…

    apushatayid, Wolf, and Sacrilege: It’s nice to see some sanity here…

    mdd: I really don’t think this is the best thing to talk about on an open forum… or just about anywhere, for that matter.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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