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    Is there a group chat for renting apartments in Lakewood? I’m looking to have roommates in a small affordable apartment. How can I find one?


    Look in Lakewood advertising book called masa umatan, it is loaded with house rentals of all sizes including apartments. They also have rooms for rent if you want just a room for yourself. But if you want an apt. With friends you. Should find an apartment and then YOU should put a classified ad of looking for roommates to rent apt. Together with me.


    jew boy2

    google it


    @jakob Thanks!! How can I get the book masa umatan?


    It’s a small pamphlet that’s delivered to all homes in Lakewood on most Wednesdays.
    There will not be one this week, IIRC.


    You can also download the most recent rental list from their web site (masaumatan).


    There was an issue (and therefore an update to the rental list) this week,
    but there will not be one next week.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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