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    Does anybody know how I can get a Teudat Zehut (TZ) number without making aliyah? Over here in Israel everything needs a TZ number, from online banking to signing up for phone service. It is starting to make me crazy, and I wish I could just put any number there so that I can sign for phone service.

    What do the Americans usually do when they’re here for the year?


    I just make one up each time.


    Don’t flount any law. It will come to haunt.


    Your a US citizen, yes? Have you tried contacting the United States embassy to find out?


    Many American citizens use their passport number for phone, banking, bituach leumi services etc,


    You can try getting permanent resident status, which does means you have not made aliyah.

    If you’re only here for the year, why do you need to open a bank account? I know many, many, many kids who have come to learn from America, and none of them have an Israeli account. You can get a cell phone plan in America that works here, so you don’t need to sign up for an Israeli plan.

    I certainly would not just make up a number – I’m sure these places check the applications, and on most applications you are affixing your signature indicating that the information you gave is true.


    I have lived in EY for many years without a teudat zehut. It has limited me only in a few things. I use my passport number for most things, including getting a bank account – which you can get at Bank HaDoar if no one else will accept you, but I would also try Bank Discount and the other banks to see what they can set up for you. I have arranged for phone service, electricity, etc, and bought an apartment all without a teudat zehut. It definitely can be done.

    Now, as far as Bituach Leumi, there is a law that for a person who has been in EY for one year consecutively (no going back to US for YT), they are considered a “toshav” and they are entitled to get Bituach Leumi and, through that, Kupat Cholim. Definitely look into that. With that, you will get assigned a Bituach Leumi # that will also be your Kupat Cholim # and that number can be used for a few other situations.

    My only major limitation that I’ve found is that Bank HaDoar cannot set up internet access for me to my account because I do not have a teudat Zehut. I don’t know what their problem is because other banks and organizations can do it so I don’t know why they can’t.

    Hatzlacha rabba!


    @nechomo thanks

    A passport doesn’t in place of a TZ. Although i was able to open a bank account at bank discount, i can’t use it for paying bills online or to sign up for golan telecom.


    uneeq: I have lived in Yerushalayim just fine for 7 years using my passport for everything. I did’nt use online banking and I moved back to states before golan telecom was in business so maybe for those two things you need a TZ, but I got all the services that I needed, [kupat cholim-bituach leumi, opening a phone line, etc all with my passport.]


    @zichmich there are other things that affected me by not having a TZ, like recently the electric company offered a discount to anyone who uses less electric, but only with a TZ. It comes up time after time for me and I’m sure others too. Thankfully, today I called my CC company and they have a fake TZ filed for me, so when I try purchase something using my Israeli CC it verifies the TZ bec that’s what’s on file. I managed to sign up to phone service after all but I think that TZ won’t always work unless its verifying with my CC company.

    Another solution I found is one of the methods that companies use to verify a TZ. It goes like this: A TZ is made up of 9 numbers. Add up the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th numbers. Now add up the rest of the numbers 2, 4 etc., and multiply by two (only the second set of numbers) .Now add up the sum of the first group to the total of the 2nd group. If the final number is divisible by 10 with no remainder than you have a possible TZ number. If not, then definitely false. Here’s an example of this with made up numbers 033071804. Parentheses mean that the number is in the even sequence and is multiplied by 2.

    0+3(6)+3+0+7+1(2)+8+0+4 =30. If the last number were to be anything but a 4 it wouldnt work not 123567890. I hope I was clear enough. Enjoy! (You can also guess randomly as the odds of hitting a possible number is 1/10. Also I think a regular TZ starts with 03 so start the guesses from there.

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