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    I need to get to JFK from the Siyum for the 11PM El Al flight.

    Maybe I am I not the only one and we can get a group together and organize a van (thru the Ride Sharing link on YWN).

    If I decide to drive, what would be the fastest way? Would public transportation be faster?


    The only way you are gonna make that is a MIRACLE!!!

    It would take a MINIMUM of 1 hour assuming NO TRAFFIC by car and you are in your car (as opposed to being in the parking lot) to get from Met Life to JFK

    By Public transport which might be faster considering traffic, Best case about 1 1/2 Hours

    At least 30 mins train from Siyum to Penn Station, 30 mins LIRR train to Jamaica and another 10 mins airtrain from Jamaica to JFK (You have to add in wait times as well)


    maybe you shouldnt come to the siyum at all. you would have to be at the airport at least an hour and a half before your flight which is 9:30 and from metlife it’ll probably be another hour at least. so why should you sit in traffic to get the siyum which wont start on time. so you’ll only be there for 30-45 min if i were you i probably wouldnt go. but to answer your question most ways are pretty empty after 8 unless theres an accident. hatzlacha


    They say no one has ever beaten the Van Wyck.

    ohr chodesh

    Maybe you can get a NJ Police escort.


    Thanks for your advice.

    I forgot to mention – I was planning to get my family in and settled and then leave after Mincha which is supposed to be start at 7.


    That makes no sense. You asked if you could organize a group. How many people do you really think wants to leave the siyum right after Mincha, before it starts, to JFK??

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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