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    I’ve heard of girls and guys who decide to start dating with the mindset that they’re not sure they’re ready to marry their first guy/girl , but they have to start with someone. Is that inconcidurate or just unfortunately necassary?

    Think first

    I think it’s fine because at the end of the day if he meets a girl that he likes they may just get married so.


    does not sound right to me. it’s also a major breach of tzniyus


    let’s say that one side has gone out before and the other side is just getting their feet wet. is thta fair to get a boys os girls hope up, and then just use them like a disposable paper plate?


    Oh judging by the thread title i assumed this was started by ybrooklynteacher my mistake.

    Andere Kuk

    ybrooklynteacher- As a teacher, would you say that boys should be weary of younger girls that just came back from seminary? Or can boys safely assume that if a girl decides to go out she’s probably not just “getting her feet wet”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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