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    GILAD IS RELEASED AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-(ATT GUMBALL ;)YA-a-a-aY! but now we have to keep our side of the bargain… wish we could ennul it somehow..


    Hodu lahashem ki tov, ki l’oilam chasdo!


    Let’s hope he recovers from the trauma he suffered in captivity.


    BAruch Hashem!!! I cant express my feelings!!! AHHHHH!!! :0 :0 :0 :0


    Message to the world, TERRORISM PAYS.


    Did anyone watch the news video as they released him to his house? The crowd, completely mixed between Chilonim and Dati’im (more Chilonim it looked like though) was singing Ma’aminim B’nei Ma’aminim. It really brings home the line of “filu Reikanim Shebachem M’lei’im Mitzvos K’rimon.” If that’s not a Kiddush Hashem I don’t know what it.


    Welcome home!!


    Chasdei Hashem Ki Lo Somnu Rachamov!!!

    Welcome home, Gilad! He looks so happy, yet very weak on the video. May he have a Refuah Shelyma. What a nes that he came home alive and well.

    on a diff. note:

    May Hashem obliterate and blow up all those animals who were released in the Gaza Strip. May all the victims’ families find consolation and peace. poor them, they are probably so heart broken to hear their relative’s murderers are free! Salt on an unhealed wound. May Hashem comfort them, and may they find happiness in their hearts once again.


    I just do not understand this whole thing. Yes, its awesome to have Gilad back. But, what will happen now? One thousand terrorists free?

    First of all, this will embolden them. These terrorists will get right back to terrorism with a renewed vigor chas visholom. And further, what do you think Hamas will be doing now? Looking for a new Israeli soldier to capture of course.

    So what will be gained if G-d forbid they grab another one and demand one thousand terrorists again? And what will be gained if even ONE of these dogs kills a bunch of people?

    I need some satisfactory answers.


    How can they release these murders?? not 5, not 50 not 500, but over 1000???!!! These guys didn’t rob a grocery store, they MURDERED or helped murder 1000’s of people!!? Chances they will do it again, are ,well, pretty good! How did such a deal go through? May the RBS”O spare us from any more tzar, and may klal yisroel’s tefillos be answered.

    Ovinu Malkeinu, hafer atzass oiveinu! Save us from their evil plans! I heart tells me this was worth it, because we brought home our brother Gilad…….but my brain has reservations about this swap…….the world must be laughing at Israel, the jews, the justice system.


    if you look well u can see in all the clips gilad keeps putting his hands back behind his back, nebach after five years of torture it looks like it became routine to keep his hands tied behind his back.

    a bittersweet day


    arent we all g-d fearing jews. we know that hashem runs the world and a leaf does not fall from a tree without hashems will. these terrorist have no koach to do any harm without hashem’s permission. all the reshoim are his puppets. if we all do teshuva and hashems will we have nothing to worry about.


    Whets matters is a Jew is free..hopefully when Moshiach comes we may learn why the price of Gilads freedom was so high…

    Until now lets focus on Gilad being free

    And if you don’t think Hashem planned it this way, then why after 5 years was he released during a week it is a Mitzvah to be happy? That is no coincidence


    So acc. to whome123 and mikehall maybe we should free ALL the terrorists and rather spend that money on better things? Why dont we free everyone? I believe better to give them the death penalty after all they are jihadists.


    We should all have stronger kavana & simcha as we daven Hallel these last days of Yom Tov-hakores hatov to the Ribbono shel Olam.

    I was troubled (at least the reports I read or saw) that Noam Shalit thanked many but made no mention of Hashem.


    I DO beleive, sorry I don’t have the same levels of bitochon and emunah as you both. However I have the feeling you don’t live in israel with thousands of serial killers and murderers in YOUR backyard. Now, you’re a thousand percent CORRECT, that everything is from Hashem here on earth, and Hashem yishmor, nothing bad should happen from these animals. It’s just a vereeeery uncomfortable feeling having trained experienced murderers breathing down our israeli brother’s and sister’s backs! They still have bechira, and have every intention to kill again. May the RBS”O save us!


    I agree terrorist should be given the death penalty….


    i do live in israel. but for pidyon shvuim we needed this to be done. we dont undersrtand why hashem would play out that so many terrorist be freed for this one mitzvah (which is a big zechut toward the israeli gov if not one the only) but to try and make sense we can only have bitachon. of couse they all deserve death penalty but thats not what happend and we should just remember hashem is the mastermind behind it all and thats that


    Shalit was captive for 1935 days…1+9+3+5=18 chai….HAshem’s “fingerprints” are all over GIlad’S freedom

    on the ball

    You can’t act irresponsibly and then say ‘it’s Ok – have bitachon’. If releasing 1000 terrorists creates a dangerous threat to Jewish lives then maybe it shouldn’t have been done.

    There are halachos about Pidyon Shivuyim – it’s not a free for all, to-be-judged-by-emotion issue. I am very happy for Gilad Shalit and his family but in reality the complex question of Pidyon Shivuyim here should have been decided al pi halacha.

    The Maharam MiRotenburg forbade his Kehila from paying a huge ransom when he was imprisoned for fear it would encourage further false imprisonment. He died in prison. He didn’t say ‘ Oh well – it will be Ok let’s have bitachon’ – he acted responsibly in accordance with the halachah. If I am not mistaken, his stance paid off and no Rov or Community leader was imprisoned again for a very long time.


    “I just do not understand this whole thing. Yes, its awesome to have Gilad back. But, what will happen now? One thousand terrorists free?”

    In the city of london, UK the name Mohamed is more common than George!

    there’s so many more that exsist in the world, so it doesn’t really make a difference for those ‘extra’ few. where as with a yid every jew counts!, A jewish neshoma is worth far more than all the nefoshim in the world. I’d say the decision was a big kiddush hashem.

    I’m just wondering though whether they should be doing DNA to ensure that they havn’t ‘created’ any immitaions of Gilad Shalit. People can be very good actors…

    Dear Brothers, If hashem decides that sth should chas veshalom happen it will, We should just do our simple hishtadlus and BEHAVE!


    To all those who are crying “Pidyon Shevuyim,” there is an open and shut halacha in Shulchan Aruch (YD 252:4) that says:

    ??? ????? ??????? ???? ???? ????? ???? ????? ?????, ??? ???? ??????? ?????? ???? ????? ??????.

    Loosely translated: We do not redeem captives for more than their monetary value, as a “Tikkun Ha’olam” – so that the enemies won’t exert themselves to take captives.

    I am sure there are other considerations, and I am not going to say that it was wrong. But it wasn’t Pidyon Shevuyim.


    Israel needs to execute terrorist, not keep them healthy and well fed in prison

    always here

    on the Jewish National Fund website.

    a personalized certificate will be sent to the Shalit family.

    limit one per person. free tree offer expires Sunday, October 23.


    Mikehall, agreed! All those prisoners most probably had the life of the party in comparison to what Shalit went through!

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