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    Um, where’s my post? Is someone editing this thing? What’s wrong with what I said? Editor, you’re fired!


    Everyone should work on what works best for oneself. Each step one makes in the direction of being a G-d fearing Jew is considered beautiful to G-d. Some will choose to be extra careful with halachos like shmiras halashon and the like. Others will choose do be machmir with something like chalav stam.

    It’s unfortunate that you find people trash talking others during the aseres yemai teshuva but it’s also unfortunate that you choose to judge them during the aseres yemai teshuva. If the lack of yiras shamayim in a another yid gives you so much pain, use the chance to be mekarev them by gently reminding them of the seriousness of the time.


    About the ten tefach mechitza ( I have seen mamy, the lucite, the walnut, and the lucite side by side ) add this to the cheshbon; a mishna in Eruvin, that a roof adjacent to reshus harabim that is ten tefachim high, the public is oser on the baal habayis use of the roof, because the public will off shoulder their loads onto it, meaning that for the mishnaic everyman, shoulder height is 10 tefachim. My terutz is that maybe people in that time were really short, and with big hands.


    Twisted: That can’t be. There’s a Machlokes between Tosfos and Ramban by the Shiur for a Mikvah. According to the Ramban, a person is 3 Amos tall (18 Tefachim). According to Tosfos a person’s neck is 18 Tefachim high. Either way, though, it’s not like you’re saying. I’ll need to look into this more. (And either way, those Mekoros do not support the 10-Tefach Mechitzah.) Oh, and your Terutz is also Mevuar not like the Tzlach (then again, archaeology is Mevuar not like the Tzlach too though).

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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