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    Y.W. Editor

    (CBS) Yankees Manager Joe Girardi capped off a victorious evening by helping a car crash victim in Westchester County.

    Police say Girardi pulled over to help after a woman lost control of her car on the Cross County Parkway and crashed into a wall around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday. That was just hours after Girardi’s team claimed World Series victory.

    The woman was able to walk away from the accident and declined to be taken to the hospital.

    Girardi flagged down police responding to a 911 call. Just 15 minutes earlier Officer Kathleen Cristiano had waved him through a driving while intoxicated checkpoint and congratulated him.

    Cristiano says that seeing Girardi at the accident scene later “was totally surreal.” She said: “The guy wins the World Series, what does he do? He stops to help.”


    That’s a real mentch



    He is a believing notzri and therefore a G-d fearing ben Noach (no arguments re shituf for bnei Noiach, please. Those should be left until Moshiach comes; what is important is that all people recognize Who created them and Who runs the world).

    While of course notzrus is ossur for us, when the US had more of a religious bent there was more of a community ethic and more of a work ethic. Secularism is as bad for non-Jews as it is for Jews.


    this is related to the above mentioned story. written by R’ Mordechai Kamenetsky shlit”a.

    Vayeira – 5770

    Post Heroics

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Akeida. Actually it was on the way back from the Akeida. And nothing really happened. And that is why I am bothered.

    The Akeida, the willingness for Avraham to sacrifice all that he had in this world – physically and theologically was indeed the greatest test of human faith in the Almighty. And Avraham passed with flying colors. He was willing to sacrifice his only son, an act that would contradict all that Hashem had promised him – Yitzchak would be the forebear of millions of descendants. With one act he was willing to contradict every ethical and theological premise that he espoused to the masses. And his faith was unshaken, unbroken and firm. He acted in concert with Hashem’s request and he was rewarded in kind.

    “‘I have sworn by Myself,’ declares Hashem, ‘that because you performed this deed, and did not withhold your only so, I will greatly bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of the sky and like the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will inherit the gate of their enemies. Through your children, will be blessed all the nations of the world, because you heeded My voice.'” (Genesis 22:16-18)

    Powerful words. With this act Avraham was indeed crowned as the true bearer of the faith and blessed eternally as the gateway of all blessing. And how does Avraham respond. The next few verses tell the story.

    Avraham returned to his attendants and they rose and went together to Beer-Sheva. Avraham dwelt in Beer-Sheva. The Torah continues “After these events, it was told to Avraham, saying, “Behold, Milkah has also born children to Nachor, your brother” (ibid v.19-20) What an anticlimax! He just reached the spiritual climax of his life! And what does he do? Avraham picks up the servants whom he left behind, goes home, hears a bit of family tidbits… etc. How is it that after the greatest theological triumph in history Avraham is depicted as just a regular fellow, going home to the news of nephews and nieces?

    I had this question for a long time and this Thursday morning when I heard a news item on the radio, I thought of an answer. In no way do I want to compare the protagonist of the following story to Avraham, but the story made me think about another lesson that Avraham Avinu taught to all of us.

    The Parable (A True Story. It Happened Today!)

    On early Thursday morning, November 5, 2009 at 2:25 AM a car crashed against a barrier where the Cross County Parkway meets the Hutchinson River Parkway in Westchester County, New York. The driver was stunned by the accident, stuck in her disabled car, shaken but uninjured. But she could not get out for help. That road is full of sharp curves and it would be extremely dangerous to stop and help. The driver could not imagine that anyone would stop, especially at that early morning hour.

    But somebody risked his life. Unlike the cars that whizzed by in both directions, he saw the smashed car and stopped across the highway. He then ran across the road and tended to the lady until the police came. He did not give his name. He was wearing a T- shirt and jeans and, of course, a Yankee cap. But then again that night everyone in New York was wearing a Yankee cap. Only a few hours earlier, as millions across the globe watched, the Yankees were crowned champions of the baseball world. That night, everyone was a Yankee.

    But this guy was not talking about Yankees. He just wanted to help. According to Westchester County Sgt. Thomas McGurn: “The guy could have gotten killed. Police units take extra precaution in that area because of the blind curve and speeding cars. Traffic goes by at 80 mph.”

    The fellow did not care. He just wanted to make sure that the woman was OK and that the police came to administer proper medical attention. And that is exactly what he did according to Officer Kathleen Cristiano who the man flagged down at the scene. “He was jumping up and down on the highway trying to get me to stop,” she told reporters. Indeed, Officer Cristiano took over from the man and thanked him for his bravery. He shrugged. And then she looked again. “Congratulations, Mr. Girardi! What a great job you and your guys did last night!”

    “Thank you,” smiled, Girardi, “I’m sure you understand. I really do have to go” And with that Joe Girardi, Manager of the just-crowned 2009 World Champion New York Yankees ran back across the highway, jumped back into his car where his family was waiting and drove home. The stunned driver of the smashed car was in awe. “I did not even know it was him!”

    The Message

    Sometimes the greatest displays of one’s character are not only the glorious feats that they accomplish, but how it affects them afterwards.

    Avraham is the hero of the century, but the Torah tells us that he does not gloat or exalt himself over his previous life and family. He goes home with his servants, the same way he came and he listens to the news of his brother’s children. He is a hero inot only n what he accomplished as the theologian of eternity but as the simple citizen as well. Because being a great person is not measured simply by acts of glory, but by gloriously simple acts.

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    Tzvi & Hudi Krigsman, Mayer & Sharon Weissman & families


    hakoras hatov to the ribono shel olam

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