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    So as you might see from my previous posts Im trying to decided what to do this summer. Two of my very good friends are considering Girl Zone but I have some reservations. I heard that although it could have an amazing impact on you for the positive it could also be a bad influence. I know that if I went this year (going into 12th) I cant really be a counselor and I dont think Im ready for that anyway. My real question is: if I go and not be a counselor (like do horses or something – Im obsessed with horses so Im hyper at the thought but thats besides the point) how much will I be in contact with girls from public school ect. and will it be surrounding me the whole day enough to influence me? I am pretty confident in my hashkafah but I am still a teen and Im smart enough to know that I can still be affected and not to be too confident in myself. I would really like to hear from someone who was there so I can get a firsthand account. Thanks alot!


    I went to girlzone and one thing I could tell you is that it was an amazing experience. Your concern about the negative influence may be a legitimate one. But I would say that most of the influence would come from the other staff members. They come from all different back rounds and you may see a whole different world from your own depending on what kind of back round you yourself come from. I wouldn’t say that you may get influenced by the campers. You do have contact with the campers, there are activities that every staff member must be involved in. Each staff member is assigned one camper that you work with one on one. Overall I don’t think interacting with the campers would pose an issue. In fact it strengthens you cuz you learn to appreciate all the good you have in your life and that you are fully religious. There are many good sides to it. There is so much that you can gain. Shabbos is an amazing experience, you get to meet many different kinds of ppl., you see how young girls try so hard and even fight to be able to keep mitzvos, get closer to Hashem… and of course the fun and spirit 🙂 It truly is an experience!

    If you have any other questions I would be happy to help you!


    you mention that you could get affected by staff. How modern could they be i thought they don’t want staff that is so modern. I am normal religious am openminded, but NOT modern. Always dress tznius and try not to listen to non jewish music ect. Please let me know


    it’s true that most of the girls are regular fine religious girls. a lot of the girls ARE modern, but have regular hashkofos. i guess maybe it’s not so true that you could get affected. it really depends on the type that you are. about music many girls lose their sensitivity to the kind of music they usually wouldn’t listen to. like if you usually don’t listen to non jewish music youre gonna lose your sense of what is ok or not (jewish to non jewish)thats one thing you have to tolerate in camp cuz thats the kind of music they use for the camp. overall i dont think its so bad, if you want to spend your summer in a fun, meaningful way then it may be worth it to give it a try

    golden mom

    from an “older” point of view over the last few yrs the girls that i did see work there came back very diffrent yes they were on a high but they never came bk down to were they were before the frumkit was a little diffrent after being exposed to and shown they diffrent was there r…

    one girls even married totally diffrent then the rest of her siblings …

    Yiddishe Kup

    You sound like a very mature girl. Many girls come back from Girlzone different. They don’t even realize how they have changed. It’s others that notice the difference in them.


    i am a proud member of the girls division of the zone staff. i am not modern i am a normal bais yakov girl who has been uplifted by watching others fight to propel themselves to do basic mitzvos. the love that the campers show for every beracha and every amen is something that i would take for granted after seeing the simcha in all that they do i have become inspired…. its very easy to post on a blog comments that one feels they either know or heard but can be the furthest thing from the truth. i along with my fellow staff members walk out into the rosh hashana season uplifted and thankful for what hashem bentched up with. i found the staff to be regular normal bais yakov girls like myself. there are friday night shuirim by the camp headstaff to be mechazek us as well as daily learning with out torah mates. i learnt more this summer then other camps that i have attended

    so in short your question about weather you should go or not is probably best spoken to with the rabbanim of the camp staff as opposed to vague posters on a website blog if you would like to speak with any of the rabbain please post and i will send you the contact number for those that can give you a realistic answer. i must run know as my weekly torah mate session is tonight and i must prepare my learning with my public school torah mate who awaits this precious time that she looks forward to


    I was a staff member at girl zone in the past. Personally i had an amazing experience, i gained in my yidishkiet in every way and did change, but for the better, i learnt about strengths and talents i never knew i had. Yet, kiruv is not for every person, just like any other profession or situation. People need to be honest with themselves and know what they can handle. The environment in Girl zone is built to inspire rather then to drag staff down. There are amazing married staff, Rabbanim and inspirational older girls there who are there to keep everyone strong and who are truly there for the staff. If someone is easily influenced or doesn’t have a strong connection to Torah before hand, and they are looking for secular culture, so yes, girl zone would not be a good place for them. That is why the camp is very careful who they accept as staff. Like any camp, that process is never perfect, and there are sometimes a few staff there who are not ideal, and may possibly be a bad influence, but this is true in every camp and school and someone who is mature will know how to chose the right friends. But everyone has to know themselves and what they can handle. In addition if someone has been extremely sheltered in their past and would find it very shocking to be around secular girls and see there life style, they as well should chose a different summer option. But for those who feel they have what to give and who are not week in their yidishkiet girl zone is an amazing experience that will inspire you and build you up as a person, but for your sake and for the campers as well, please do not come if you feel it will do you harm, for in truth that is the opposite of what oorah is out to accomplish.


    Well said. i have never had such an uplifting experience as spending my summer in this amazing camp


    Thank you I appreciate your input


    for you bpt




    Bookmark. I’ll post later. (Thanks, Flowers!)


    I have no personal experience with the girls division per se, but have many friends who sent their daughters as staff. Both staff and parents were very happy, and where possible, went back for a 2nd seaon. And, I have had a very positive experience with the boys division, with my boys as staff members.

    That said, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend choosing this as a summer job. It will help you grow as a person, and make you think about the “why’s” of yiddishkeit, instead of just the “whats”.

    Its also a load of fun, the food / grounds / activities (as opposed to the rahh-rahh of the BY type camps)

    If I had to pick a down side, the only thing I could say, is that its 4 hour drive from NYC (which might not be a bad thing, after all).

    If you can get a job there, take it.

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