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    Addressing the OP- I think it is low class for a girl in shidduchim to wear a sweatshirt while in public. No problem of tznius IMO, but I would probably consider other girls for a shidduch (if all other things are equal) before a sweatshirt bearer.


    MorahRach, I think you’re totally right. A few things, in case they help you feel better: 1) a lot of people tend to post things online that are more extreme than they actually believe, 2) a lot of the posters on this site may be like 16 years old, 3) half the posters on this thread seem to either be trolling or joking, 4) there may be people who are inappropriately focused on unnecessarily increasing stringencies and restrictions, particularly on women’s dress, but there are more moderate people too, and we can support them and follow their customs instead (as it sounds like you’re already doing — good for you.)


    Morah Rach – The C’V was sarcastic. I do not look down at people who wear sweatshirts. I think there are more important things to focus on in a person.

    Saysme – you are correct!


    WIY, you did not answer my question directly, but I will take it as a yes.


    “I never said I was speaking about Tznius per se. I just personally think hoodies look childish and older girls look like young teens in them and that people should dress age appropriate. This is my impression of hoodies but feel free to disagree. This thread is NOT about Tznius and I think everyone can chill out now (in hoodies if its indoors lol). “

    WIY: First you go on to say that its immature looking..then you start answering back about tznius…then you go back and say its not about tznius…then you start to tell a poster that they shouldnt feel restricted by Tznius and how you would never let your wife wear a sweatshirt… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    Maybe us girls/women shouldnt wear ponytails/pony shaitels?! They are way to immature looking!

    And you are obviouslly not a female, from your post about about your future wife. So dont go around saying someone shouldnt feel restricted by the laws of tznius!! I am FFB, grew up in an FFB neighborhood, went to a closed minded very frum BY, had strict “laws” imposed on me by my BY for school wear and for non school days, and even though i should be used to tznius and not feel a desire to wear, say, a more fitted top/skirt, or an on the knee skirt…guess what?! I do! And so do many others! All stores sell items that may not fit appropriately, its up to us, the frum female, to overcome those desires of looking really good and pick something else!


    Anyone, male or female, should dress in the matter expected by the situation and as anticipated by the person they are dealing with. That is especially true of a shidduch “date”, but is really true of everything else.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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