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    Hi I was wondering do any of you know of a girls boarding school that isnt so high acedemicly?



    maybe try bais yaakov of denver? good luck!

    Letakein Girl

    I don’t know if a bais yaakov with a dorm exists, but there are some out of town schools that girls attend and board with a local family.

    I know that BY of Waterbury has girls that board. Also BY of Passaic, I think.

    I wish you much hatzlachah in finding a school that’s right for you.


    I hear there is a great girls’ school in Elad.


    Not many schools have actual dorms. Many many schools help you arrange boarding.

    There are smaller schools in places like Rochester NY, Richmond and Norfolk VA, etc which tend to take in girls who need a change of pace. I know people who went to all three (community residents, not boarders) and I believe that the girls board with families.

    If you don’t mind Chabad, I’m pretty sure that a bunch of their schools welcome girls from out of area and I think that many have dorms (one of my sem teachers was once a dorm counselor at one of them).

    BY Denver has a dorm. YGW takes people from out of the area but I don’t believe has dorms any longer.

    Schools all over the tristate area will probably help you find boarding families, or you can look out on your own. But very few schools have their own dorms. I know several girls who took that route (attending a standard community school while boarding with a local family) and were very successful- this gives you the opportunity to look for schools solely as far as how they fit your needs without needing to worry about their dorming situation.


    YGW does not take people from out of town any more because too many girls were giving the school a bad name by going off the derech otherwise that would be a good choice because i know a lot of people who go there that love it. i know bais yaakov of baltimore takes out of town girls. (bais yaakov of baltimore is good for girls who need an out of town high school bais yaakov school). What grade are you going into? Bais yaakov of Denver like how i said before is also another good option. Or Bais Yaakov of atlanta many girls bored their still and love it. There are also a lot of schools in new york that have bording.


    Im wondering why you need a non-academic environment? are you disinterested in learning? do you consider yourself an incapable student? Maybe you will do fine in academic setting given proper support and motivation. IMHO there is nobody like Rabbi Burstein try Bais Yaakov LA. You will of course need boarding arrangements


    fathousewife- just because someone looks for a non academic school,or friends does not mean at all they are not interested in learning!!!

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