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    Are tips ever absolutely *required* (if it wasn’t advised as mandatory in advance)? Or can a customer simply choose to not give a tip, ever, as a matter of principle? Or can a customer refuse to give a tip, at all, after receiving (what he feels) is shoddy service?

    And does it matter, at all, what type of service it is? Barber, waiter, taxi cab/car service, counselor, delivery guy, valet parking, coat room attendant, airport baggage handler, etc. What are the differences between them, if any?

    And IF you do choose to tip, how much is standard?

    yaakov doe

    Of course we as frum Yiddin should tip generously as a kiddush Hashem (good public relations for our people).


    I think you go by what minhag Hama-kom is, if you can. In the united states, 15-20%! Tip is typically given/expected for the first three services that you mentioned.

    Coat room and valet parking usually are given $1-2, airport baggage handler, at least $1 per bag. Delivery man is very subjective. I omitted counselor because I find the camps usually tell you a suggested amount.

    All amounts can be adjusted depending upon the quality of the service provided.

    I think giving nothing when the service is acceptable is perceived as rude, because of the expectations that are built into society.


    When i get a food delivery i usually give 2 dollars.


    Delivery person, barber, coat room, valet, doorman, baggage handler and car service I don’t tip. Waiter, taxi and counselor I tip.


    Any amount is a sufficient tip. No one should complain.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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