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    I really don’t understand where everyone is coming from here.

    What happened to kovod haTorah and kovod for an adam gadol? So many people bring examples of gedolim who took the bus. Great. That’s their choice. That doesn’t absolve us of our requirement to protect their kovod and neither does the TSA’s regulations.

    It’s simply not mechubadik for a gadol to be strip searched. So the Rebbe’s chassidim tried to prevent it if they could. They couldn’t. Nu. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. The kovod of their Rebbe is important to them. As it should be. If they have are able to provide their Rebbe with a private jet that is a big zchus for them to be able to be mechabed an adam gadol and godol baTorah. How is this not immediately obvious???



    Just because someone is a Rebbe doesn’t mean they are a Gadol. Im not knocking R ZL but nobody in the Torah velt considers him a Gadol. Not every Rabbi and Rebbe is a Gadol. This is just fact.


    He certainly is considered a godol by the Torah world. Rav Malkiel Kotler holds highly of the gadlus of the Rebbe (and they are close friends.)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Not a fact at all. And his point remains anyway, simply because he’s their rebbe, and they should try to protect his kavod.


    There are Satmar businessmen who own or rent private jets. What’s more, you can buy a jet, lease it out, and it comes out almost free for your own use. I know several people who do just that, and if I did not fear flying in non-commercial airliners I’d probably look into this as a business venture myself.

    Rest assured that none of the pennies you throw in a Satmar Bikur Choilim pushka, if those still exist, will go to pay for a private jet or use thereof. That is assuming the private jet story is even true. If it is, a private donor will pay for the jet.


    He certainly is considered a godol by the Torah world. Rav Malkiel Kotler holds highly of the gadlus of the Rebbe (and they are close friends.)



    I read your site about the forthcoming trip of the Satmar Rebbe to Israel; However, 2 pertinent facts were ominously missing:-

    1) The news item mentioned that many of his followers are accompanying him. However, there was no mention made, if his wife, A.K.A. the grandmother of the Bride is going? & if she is going, is she flying with him? or on another flight exclusively for women?

    2) There is no mention of who shall be Mesader Kiddushin? From the absence of this detail, I assume that the Satmar Rebbe isn’t the Mesader Kiddushin. Maybe a Mesader Kiddushin in Israel by law, has to be licensed by the local Rabbinate in Israel?

    a mamin

    147: you should go try getting near the BQE tonight and tell us how many chasidim, he has.


    Satmar, b’shitta, does not recognize the Israeli State rabbinate.

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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