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    I just heard from a great rabbi. on the matter one should note that weather parts of this crisis are true should not effect your goal in life as a yid. G/d does things with nature and its just facinating. but dont let it get to you. you”ll never really no why what or how!?


    Ben Torah

    It’s getting cold in my neighborhood.


    Our goals in life as a Jew are the same no matter what: Keep all the mitzvot, improve our midot, learn as much as we can so we can do a better job at both. That is true whether or not the earth is warming or cooling. (And in fact it is warming.)

    That doesn’t mean that there are times that the events of the world don’t demand action. For an obvious example, every Jew should have gotten out of Germany in 1938. For only a slightly less obvious example, we should all encourage each other and our non-Jewish neighbors to use less energy so that anti-Semitic Arabs and the Venezuelan Rasha don’t get as much of our money.

    Others will be able to come up with other actions, but the Rabbi was basically right!


    I agree that it is of marginal importance but I wonder if it is really global or just regional, or perhaps a global shift. It seems that whenever there is a heatwave in one place, somewhere else is getting its coolest record. Besides the fact that the data was found to be rigged, the real estimate was for one or two degrees change over a century. Therefore, how can they declare on hot days that it is a display of global warning?


    weather parts of this crisis

    Misspelling, or intentional pun? 🙂

    The Wolf


    Now I am currently having a coffee break. Out of the generosity of my heart, I will respond to CharlieHall:

    You dont compare global warming “crisis” to the german crisis of 1938!

    Yes, indeed the reports from scientis show how it should be alot warmer. This past winter was on record as one of the coldest winters in historys recording!

    And yes wolf it was a pun.


    Global warming is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated by man.

    The earth may be warming. The earth has warmed before; it has cooled before. It is cyclical. History has many showings of long cold periods and warm periods. We track the changes in European life in the middle ages on account of the earths warming and cooling cycles.

    There is no reason to assume that a current warming is caused by the extra CO2 that we are emitting, especially as it is grossly superseded by the amount the world emits anyway, making it completely insignificant.


    anon for this

    charliehall, using less energy is a good idea, but demand-side management isn’t a great long-term solution for energy needs. Personally I think that nuclear power is the way to go, even if global warming is not an issue, since it produces no particulate pollution. (Pollution from coal-fired plants kills tens of thousands per year).

    minyan gal

    popa bar abba: Are you a scientist? You are way off base in your thinking. There is ample proof that global warming is a reality and that the human race, in general, has been destroying the planet for centuries.


    Minyan gal, you worry me.

    so how bout you share with us what you have done to actually delay the destruction of the earth?

    And what do you think G/d thins about global warming?

    all should be at peace.

    over and out.


    minyan gal:

    My argument has little to do with science, and much to do with history. And common sense.

    The logic, broken down, is:

    If something has been happening forever, and is still happening, it is probably for the same reason as before.


    Minyan Gal – No there isn’t. Al Gore needs our money, laughing all the way to the bank!


    my problem with global warming is that it is never around when you really need it!

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