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    How did it get so hot in the winter?


    scientists tell us that the world is billions of years old and has always been in a constant state of flux. It gets hotter, its gets colder. We go through heat ages and ice ages. I suppose we are now trending up. The real question for scientists is: what makes you think that the millions and millions years of climate change was natural and out of our control but this most recent one is not?


    Maybe the very-warm-winter is G*D’s way of helping Ukraine to defeat evil Russia, because a cold winter would help evil Russia to blackmail entire nations by reducing the amount of oil they supply?


    Hashem runs the entire world and chooses the weather for every City and country around the world and can make the weather be so hard to believe when it’s supposed to be so much colder etc…..


    Russia is truly evil but Ukraine is no better. They oppressed our people terribly before, during, and even after WWII. They are finally getting their just punishment.
    We only pray for the salvation of the many innocent Jews who, for some strange reason, still live there.


    Weather and Climate are distinct (and one should ignore the climate alarmists who claim that every storm, drought, flood, etc. is “proof” of climate change and the coming end of civilization – they are fools and saying a warm summer day proves something makes you into a fool).

    If you want to consider “climate change” look at information as to what plants grew where (e.g. Romans always paid close attention to whether a place could support wine grapes). That data, suggests that the times of Bayis Sheini (the “classical period”) and the time of the Rishonim (the “high middle ages”) were worm, and the “dark ages” and the “early modern period” were cold periods. Oh, and warm periods were generally better for everyone (cold kills crops, warm lengthen the growing season) .


    I had same thought as Square Root: Russians expected increased dependency on their gas during winter and Hashem relieved it somewhat. This seems to be a machloket whether we expect Hashem to intercede as open miracles or hidden ones: when Rav Huna realizes that he was wrong not to pay salary to the workers who already stole his wares, his spoiled vinegar either turned back into the wine (one opinion) or the market price of the vinegar increased. So, here is a precedent of Hashem interceding into the markets, most likely through weather events.


    RBZS, you can make a case that Ukrainians might be guilty of something like what you say – they were close partners to Russians in Soviet Russia and now when they got their own state – and thus full responsibility for their actions, they might not have fully reconsidered some of the darker pages of their history.

    Still, it is nonsense to discuss this in the context of the brutal invasion. Hashem punishes at his own level, we do not need to support (or not condemn) brutality. This is akin to Egyptians being at fault for prosecuting Jews, even as Hashem seemingly required it. You don’t have to be on the part of punishers. As Avraham Heschel writes about Spanish Jewry (really about German) – who were expelled right at the time of American acquisition – they were lucky to be victims (of inquisition) and not part of the perpetrators (of conquista)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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