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    IY”H, over chol hamoed Sukkos, I’m having a guest who is mildly allergic to gluten. I’m a bit intimidated by all the recipes that call for rice flour and xantham gum, so can anyone suggest some normal, everyday recipes I could use? It’s probably going to be a dairy meal, by the way.

    Currently, I’m thinking of Indian pudding, but I want something less … mushy and a little more substantial.


    You need to be careful, xantham gum may contain gluten. Why don’t you dig out some Pesach Recipies?


    Good idea – thank you, Dash!


    For meals, you can make chicken and rice, Gluten free pasta (there is such a thing.) You can also have quinoa as a side dish. You can also go to the store and get ideas. I don’t know where you live, but if there’s a whole foods market or a trader joe’s near you, you can go there for ideas.

    As a side note,I didn’t even know you can buy xanthan gum. The only way I know about it is by seeing it on ingredients lists on packages.


    Any non-gebrochts Pesach recipe is good. Kasha is great as a side dish, or brown or white rice. I have recently acquired the taste for quinoa also. Apple kugel or pineapple kugel, made with potato starch, makes a nice side dish.

    One of my close relatives has celiac, and she is compeltely gluten free. There are rice noodles that taste virtually identical to wheat, and make great luckshen kugels. Eggplant parmigiana is a great dfish also, as is any fish, meat, or chicken, made without matzah meal or bread crumbs.


    Wow, those are all great ideas! I love apple kugel, so I just might try that for the meal. 🙂

    @yeshivaguy45 – I really don’t know much about xanthan gum except that I was on a few health food recipe websites and it was one of the ingredients the recipe called for…. My reaction was, “what in the world is that?” What I’d love to find is agar-agar, which is a great gelatin substitute.


    Are you looking for entrees, sides, or desserts?

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