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    Please share your opinion on the maailos and chesronos, and a side-by-side comparison, between Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Please also share the comparitive details of other e-mail providers (i.e. Hotmail, AOL Mail, etc.) that you are familiar with and that may be worthwhile considering.

    Is there any benefit to use your internet providers (Verizon, AT&T, Optimum, Comcast, etc.) e-mail service?

    Also, if you are already with one provider, is it worthwhile switching? Notifying everyone of a new e-mail address, importing old messages, etc.

    And is webmail better or worse than using POP3 or IMAP?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Mailah of Gmail vs. Yahoo is no picture ads, but if you use a program such as Outlook, it makes no difference.

    I know people who had to switch IP provided email addresses when they switched providers, so, unless there’s some law which they (and I) don’t know about allowing one to keep his email address regardless, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Switching active email accounts shouldn’t be too difficult; just have all mail forwarded to the new address. (Unlike the USPS, there’s no six month limit.)

    All the real techies out there can correct whatever mistakes I made in this post.


    Plain and simple- if you type in you go straight to a log in page- you log in and u have your email- and there are no picture ads- yahoo on the other hand- you typ in and you get the main page- which you can then press log in and even when you are in your own email there are * picture * ads and on the main page it is all the current “news”- about wats wat- and im not neccesarly talking about ok news eiter- hope you get my point- basically- out of all emails gmail is the most “kosher”


    I think that in terms of features, it’s pretty even. You should use gmail, though, because the future of Yahoo!, Inc is a bit uncertain, but Google will (supposedly) stay around for longer. You don’t need your email provider going bankrupt.

    Personally, I use Apple’s iCloud Mail.


    If you’re willing to spend $20 a year, there is nothing better than Yahoo Pro email. Gmail doesn’t even come close.


    Gmail does a much better job at filtering out spam than Yahoo. Also, there are no picture ads. All in all, I think Gmail is a much smoother user experience. I switched several years ago.


    Thank you, everyone, for the helpful information. Do any of the services have any unique features that make it a runaway winner?


    GMAIL ROCKS!!!!!




    gmail wins hands down because no picture ads while logged in and no pictures before you log in or after you log out ( has pictures on their main site). Gmail and hotmail both offer free cloud drives that are linked to their emails. Hotmail has some very annoying and very pritzusdik adds on the side of the page (and hey move around a lot). Hotmail also targets the adds for clothing and singles websites purposes. They are customizable, but a little hard to set up. One feature that hotmail has is that if you have more than one account you can link them so that you can switch between accounts with 2 clicks and don’t need a password. For yahoo and hotmail you can block pictures with adblock plus, bit will only block on computers that you install it on.

    Chaim Shnaim

    Gmail is clearly more kosher than Yahoo! as everyone pointed out. I saw on LinkedIn that Gmail is considered the email provider which gives you the most professional image. You get 10GB of free storage today. It also gives free POP3 and IMAP access and 2-step verification so even if someone guesses your password they can’t get in without your mobile phone. Yahoo! cannot be used with Outlook or Thunderbird without spending $20.00 per year.

    The advantage of IMAP over POP3 is that with IMAP any changes you make in Gmail, such as erasing messages, are synced with Outlook, and vice versa.


    Notice how all the Yahoo users don’t feel the need to try to prove themselves. We know we’re the best and it doesn’t matter to us if all you Gmail plebians agree.


    You can use Gmail for e-mail on your own domain name with Google Apps.

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