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    Hi guys! My family is thinking about changing phone services and going from Verizon to Sprint. Anyone have any personal experience about switching?


    Are you sure you want to switch? Because most people i know with verizon are happier than the sprint users (service problems)


    blinky I dont think thats true I have sprint and I am very happy with the service. of course everyone knows verizon is the top but sprint is less than half the price and its well worth it for not 100% service!

    d a

    Sprint is very good.


    Sprint is very good with the $$$ aspect. However everyone knows that verizons service is better by far.


    Great discussion! I’ve had Sprint for a few years now and I’m very happy. B U T now that I’d like to get a Smartphone, I found that the decent Smartphones usable with Sprint have the HIGHEST radiation levels of all Smartphones, so I’m thinking of switching to Verizon! But when I had Verizon for a while before getting Sprint (2-3 years ago), the connection, when I was at home was awful and staticy. Sprint works much better from my home.

    So now it’s the Sprint-compatible good Smartphones’ high radiation levels that bother me. The lower the SAR number the better, over 1 is bad. Most Sprint Smartphones are way over 1.


    agree with real brisker

    No one beats Verizons service…but it costs


    My husband has sprint I have verizon. For local in town use sprint isnt bad but when he comes upstate he never has service he always has to use the verizon phone. Verion has service almost everywhere we go


    Where I live, there’s trees- a small forest in my back yard, and we had sprint,but we never had service in the house so we had to switch to verizon and now we have service.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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