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    Any tips from anyone that has gone??

    Thanks in advance!


    Yeah. The kosher food on the kosher ones, is not always up to your standards, by about a mile.


    The best advice is to HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!


    and have in mind to enjoy, remember perfection is exclusive to malachim.


    there is considerable M/F intermingling, even on the tours geared to those who prefer more M/F segregation.


    All of the above are true. If you go with your own chevra, it should be ok. Even the so-called frum tours may not have minyanim, so check out what the situation is and act accordingly.


    Thanks to all those that posted. Keep em coming!

    I’m not worried about the food…as long as its kosher I’m fine with it. Neither am I worried about the m/f intermingling as much as I’m going on a same gender trip.

    I’m all about having an AWESOME time! I’m pumped for it..I was just wondering if there’s anything anyone would suggest I take along or anything I shoud prep myself for etc….??


    I didn’t even know there was a frum birthright. Or is frum relative in this situation?


    I hear the all-girls and all-boys are pretty good.

    Loyal Jew

    They keep you going 18 hours a day and brainwash you subtly with Zionism and modernity. It’s not for frum people.


    I went on one that was mixed. It was supposed to be a frum group, but there were people on it who weren’t shomer Shabbos. There was a minyan every day, 3 times a day. In fact, one of the guys in my group who wasn’t shomer Shabbos actually asked to borrow tefillin one day to try them on! That alone made the entire trip worthwhile.

    There was always kosher food, only with hechsherim the OU approves of.

    Yes, they are Zionists, and yes, they have a Zionist agenda. I think that’s great. All Jews should appreciate the great gift Hashem has given us.

    My brother went on an all boys trip. They are available, just look for them.

    Overall, I had an amazing time on the trip, and would highly recommend it to others.


    oomis1105- That does not pertain to me as I am a female but thanks! 🙂

    Derech HaMelech- Birthright has trips for all types & levels. I am going on a considerably frum tour.

    Loyal Jew- Their tours are jam-packed with fun activities, they definitely keep you going as they want to cover as much as possible during the 10 day stay. And, it all depends on which trip organizer you go with as to what they ‘brainwash’ you with…….

    Anyone on here ever gone? What was it like? I want tips and stuff!


    You just have to realize that they’re going to preach zionistic so tune out when they do that. Even the separate tours meet other tours and sometimes stay in the same motels. Best to go with friends so you can stay “on track”. And have fun! And extend your trip if you can – it’s worth it.

    As far as taking things along – just the usual clothes, bathing suit, HAT/CAP = very impt, backpack…


    I’m not worried about the food…as long as its kosher I’m fine with it.

    Right. What I am telling you is that it is not, and that you will need to do your own homework about the food, and be aware of where they are heating it up, etc.


    They didn’t have a “single gender” trip this winter because of not enough people. They may have other years or maybe the single gender ones are only in the summer.


    Good advice PBA, I hope Miss Gem is paying attention. You need to look for more than just the OU (or Israeli equivalent) sticker. The heating, cooking, serving, can raise all sorts of kashrus problems.

    I hope you do have an awesome time! Das’ advice was best of all. If you can extend your trip and get to know the land a little better on your own, you won’t regret it!


    DaMoshe- Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Das- Thanks for your advise. I’m definitely going to be extending my trip(to my boss’ dismay….) I want to get the most out of it!

    popa_bar_abba- I really didnt think about that….(I guess I’m not into that as much…) thanks for bringing it to my attention- I will try to look into it….

    Wisey- I’m going on one of their ‘single gender’ trips in January so Im not quite sure where you got that info from…..

    Thanks again guys for posting. any additional advice, insight welcome 🙂


    golfer: On my trip, we didn’t have to worry about reheating. The food was always fresh, whether a the hotel or stopping at a restaurant with a hechsher. It was never reheated.

    Another thing to bear in mind is water. If you go in the summer, make sure to bring extra money for water. You don’t realize how hot you get because it’s a dry heat, but you can easily get dehydrated. On my trip, our bus driver sold water in 1.5 liter bottles. Make sure you have money for it!

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