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    Going to to a zoo during pesach?
    be aware. zoos often sell animal food that children (or adults) can feed to the animals.
    This is likely chomets.
    One is not allowed to own chomets on pesach.
    and therefore you cannot buy it on pesach.

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    Thanks for the psa

    Why would anyone go to the zoo this chol hamoed? The only day that it’s not an erev something is Thursday and why waste it going to the zoo (especially since the Bronx zoo is only free on Wednesday)


    You post this same thing every year, there are meds and therapy for OCD


    Go outside, there is a zoo everywhere.

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    To be fair he didn’t post it last year


    Thank you for the reminder.
    There are new members all the time.


    CA- Another reason to make aliyah. Chol HaMoed zoo day!


    Happy to help

    “Why would anyone go to the zoo this chol hamoed?”
    some people like zoos, many children do and even adults.

    ” The only day that it’s not an erev something is Thursday”
    There is no issur to go to a zoo on Erev shabbos or yom tov

    ” and why waste it going to the zoo ”
    Again, some people like the zoo

    “(especially since the Bronx zoo is only free on Wednesday)”
    Wednesday is yom Tov, Orthodox Jews dont generally travel on yom tov, so the free zoo on Wednesday doesn’t help us. Plus many live far away from teh Bronx zoo, so much so that it may be cheaper than paying for their local zoo than to travel to the free Bronx zoo


    When I grew up in Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx, there were always large numbers of frum families walking around both the Bronx Zoo and nearby Botanical Gardens on chol hamoed. The Bronx River overpass near the Bronx zoo was the preferred choice for Tashlich. One of the best “family kosher” and educational TV series is the ‘Secrets of the Zoo: which provides an “insider view” of the Bronx Zoo
    P.S. Back then it was always “free” admission


    it is howeer, muter to own kitnios. I want to a farm that had wheat based feed and corn feed. the corn, in theory, should be muter


    Sir, who says the kitnios in the farm wasn’t mixed in with the wheat feed? The issur of owning might be a kezayis, but when a person feeds an aninal, it’s called hanaah according to halacha. I don’t believe there is a minimum for how much chometz one can benefit from; it shouldn’t be any different than having hanaah from other issurim, like basar vechalav, which has no shiur.


    Also, do we want to educate our children to handle kitnios on pesach?


    I’m not sure if you are feeding someone else animal that would be called hanaah. I also said in theory, because there could be it was mixed one would need to know the facts. As for my children I think it is important for them to know the difference, on the other hand if the child might eat it, don’t do it.

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    “Sir, who says the kitnios in the farm wasn’t mixed in with the wheat feed? “

    You probably mean the opposite

    That the wheat was mixed with the kitniyos feed


    Why not? I should educate them about Shabbos, Tom Tov, Kashrus,, etc. but not that kitneyos is something that can be owned & used on Pesach but not eaten?
    I’m totally missing what the issue is.


    Coffee, correct, i said it backwards. It’s a real chashash.

    As for feeding animals being hanaah, the poskim say it regarding issurei hanaah, even if it’s not your animal, you enjoy it eating what you gave it. It’s “cute,” and that’s the whole reason why people feed them – they enjoy it.

    Kuv, of course you should teach them about kitnios. I meant not to teach children that it’s normal to hold and deal with kitnios on pesach. There’s a sensitivity….same way we wouldn’t touch chometz that’s not ours.


    It IS normal to hold & deal with Kitniyos. There are products that are helpful & used all year around.
    I’m truly confused.
    I can teach my (old enough) child about Kosher Dairy
    I can teach my child about Kosher Meat
    I can teach my child about not eating them together.
    But I can’t teach my child that Kitniyos can be used on Pesach but not eaten?
    In your example, Chometz is Chometz & has no allowed use on Pesach.
    Kitniyos is muttar in many ways on Pesach. So what “sensitivity” is there about not touching it?


    Kuv, if you grew up having no problem getting your hands inside a bag of rice that fell out of the chometz closet, or better yet, kept it on your shelves during pesach and just didn’t eat it, then there’s just a fundamental difference in the chinuch you and i received, and there’s no sense arguing over it


    > there’s just a fundamental difference in the chinuch you and i received,

    Avira, I apologize for being nosy, but I understood from your self-descriptions that you were disappointed with Mod-O chinuch you received and switched to a different derech.

    I also recommend against keeping your rice, and your dishes, and your chometz in the same closet. As the current owner of the chometz might come and munch on his hometz, you don’t want him to use your pots & pans and also drink your Sake. That is if you actually have actual chometz for Pesach to my disappointment in your lack of chinuch, I am finishing my bourbon as we speak, seriously.


    Aaq, i was referring to my “actual” chinuch, when i learned Hashem’s Torah instead of the Bible and Rabbinical commentary.

    But as it happens to be, most MO, especially the women, treat pesach the same way the Torah world does. It’s almost universal.


    Trying to be positive, but it is hard to read when someone uses, as they say now, “exclusionary language”. Maybe you should copyright “Torah world” to make sure it does not apply to others. Use Rabbi Yannai as your copyright attorney.


    To make sure I am fair, people should also not call themselves modern, denying tremendous innovations that chasidim, chabad, yeshiva movement introduced in response to modernity.


    AAQ, when MO teachers have an equivalent of “zohgt der heiliger Rashi,” I’ll change my tone. It’s not even comparable. MO kids are pumped full of zionism, “ahavat chinam,” which is a very apt description of a sourceless fantasy, love of secular culture, and told over and over about how you “can” be a good jew in the modem world,  edited. Torah is taught as though it is stories about ordinary people… people can question if Avraham was correct in going ahead with the akeidah – they look at it the way goyim read their Bible. But they add a sprinkling of rabbinic commentary as food for thought.

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