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    Such a wholesome, sweet and innocent story to put our Yiddishe children to sleep with, right?


    First of all, it teaches our innocents holy minds that the color of a girl’s hair has significance.

    Secondly, it teaches their innocent neshomos that when you’re hungry it is okay to steal.

    Is that the message we wish to inadvertently convey?


    The title is Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but no more mention is made of the color of the hair thereafter.


    I was taught that little red ridnig hood with the scary wolf was written by Natzies! think qwice before reading Goyishe books to your kids!


    First thing that you should do is, only read Jewish books to your kids, that should be a start in the right direction.
    Even the most innocent book that doesn’t come from a Jewish source, can have ideas that dont align with yiddishe hashkafah.


    Besides Dr Suess. He was a Gaon even lmaan deomar he was an antisemite.
    “the Places You will Go” and “The Lorax” are mammesh mussar seforim


    “This is a hoodwink. He winks in his wink hood. Without a good wink hood, a hoodwink can’t wink hood”.

    It is true that since Poe we have not found such alliterary genius as mastery evinced by the late, great Ted Geisel, may he rest in peace.

    But the deep existential messages in Lobel’s “Frog and Toad” put Keirkegaard, Kafka, and Sartre out of business, in this author’s estimation.

    Menachem Shmei

    Indeed, I always thought that these children’s stories have the weirdest morals.

    Enter someone’s house, eat their food and sleep in their bed (after being picky!), and when caught, just run away.

    Or when a girl tries visiting her grandma she turns out to be a fox who tries to eat her.

    And when it comes to Torah stories, people complain that they are will frighten the children.


    Curious George is probably the worst in that area. The stories almost all revolve around him stealing and damaging people’s property, yet he is depicted as the hero.

    The little I know

    Many fairy tales can actually be quite frightening to children. Moreover, many contain themes that are not exactly custom made for our children. There is a handsome amount of greed, crime, murder, dismemberment, jealousy, etc., a treasure of awful midos. Yet our Divrei Chazal contain much allegory that is similarly frightening.

    With a retrospective view, I see far more damage, actually wreckage, coming from the youth who were raised on the literature that is pushed by the radical left, ratgher than the time tested fairy tales of Grimm, Perrault, and Andersen. True, they are not politically correct. But none of them push the woke agendas that is destroying whatever moral fiber existed inthe creation of United States. Go ahead and provide your children with stories written al taharas hakodesh. But don’t protest Goldilocks that much. It’s mild and relatively harmless.


    Curious George is a monkey.


    I want you to walk over to an elderly Ungarischer woman and tell her that hair color has no significance, even blonde and gingy.


    ujm, then name goldilocks bothers you but the names grossman or kleinman, kleinbard etc. don’t
    There are names in the Gemara that allude to a color, presumably of their hair (Yitzchok Sumka, which means red)


    Yeshiva, we don’t find women being called names that reflect physical attributes, because it’s not tznius

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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