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    From the Pittsburg shooting to the NYS education guidelines for Yeshivas, we no longer feel as welcome in this country. In shopping malls & car dealerships, antisemites are openly expressing their hatred of us. The comments sections of the APP & star ledger are rife with vitriol toward orthodox Jews. Golus America doesn’t seem as comfortable as it used to. Even on frum news outlets, antisemites are showing up & posting their negative opinions of the frum community.

    Reb Eliezer

    I think, comparatively it is still better than anywhere else but EY. Hashem wants to awaken us to recognize כי גרים אתם בארץ נכריה that we are strangers in a strange land.

    Avi K

    Maybe Hashem is telling you to make aliya.


    Israel is worse. There you have to deal with the government attempting you forcibly draft you into their army, whereas outside Israel there’s no draft. And anti-Jewish violence is worse in Israel than in any other country with a large Jewish population.

    Reb Eliezer

    Joseph, The Mahral explains on a coin makes a noise because it is outside its accustemed environment where it does not feel comfortable. A coin does not belong in a canteen. Similarly, we belong in Israel.


    Typical Joseph.
    Tried to slip in a particularly ugly ant-Israel little clip from a
    from a hating “rabbi”….. Kudos to the Mods for deleting IT and my response to it…. Good thing too..


    1. The frei Jews have always done everything they can to sabotage Torah, and this latest attempt in New York will fail either because they can’t apply a higher standard to frum schools than they apply to the worst public schools (equal protection), and may run into discrimination (first amendment, free exercise) matters as well. Any Yid who thought they could get the government to pay for yeshivos was being very naive and displayed ignorance of who government work (when they pay the fiddler, they always call the tune). It should be noted that America has two political camps, one of which is friendly to Yiddishkeit (the “reds”), and the other contains some elements (mainly frei Jews) who are anti-Semitic. At worse (or perhaps best), I suspect frum Jews will increasingly move out of New York to places that are cheaper to live in and where the ultra-secular fanatics have little political influence (and note the growth of yeshivos in “red” states in the last generation). The worst that will happen is you will have to listen to Hebrew spoken with a very un-New York drawl or twang.

    2. Shootings such as Pittsburg are not unheard of in America, and have rarely been aimed at Jews. Given American’s origins as a refuge for excaped (and deported/exiled) criminals, and its founding by an act of armed rebellion against the lawful (and elected) government, one should not be shocked that America has always been relatively violent. Unlike Europe, that violence is not directed primarily at us.

    3. Israel is run by a well-entrenched secular ruling class that sees our destruction as a primary goal. In addition the country is surrounded by well armed (but fortunately, highly disorganized and very inept) enemies who wish us dead and have been trying to kill as many Jews as possible for longer than most of us have been alive.


    Akuperma’s remark about the primary goal chilonim is destruction is ignorant and a canard. There’s more Torah in EY than anywhere else in the universe. Kindly tell us about your yeshiva education if any.
    Show some guts , and tell us what really bothers you about Israel instead of making stuff up for years.


    Ziongate: I am not sure what you are referring to regarding a clip nor a response.


    A number of days ago , it might have been late last week,
    A new thread began, untitled, Joseph as OP, and there was a short video of a rabbi/author , a noted anti Zionist he’s from Far Rockaway,
    I responded to that video but in about 10 minutes it was gone.
    There were no comments from Joseph, just the video with his name on it…. I thought the whole thing strange.


    America is still the “golden medinah” by any rational standard….there is more hatred today across the board against all segments of the tzibur, left against right, right against left, white supremacists against Blacks, Jews and other minorities, Evangelical Christians against gays and anyone who is not “born again” or who is not a “traditional believer”, Black/Muslim extremists against government institutions, police and Jews etc. The President and many Dems share the blame for worsening the situation with their inflamed rhetoric. However, all that considered, yidden are still better off here than anywhere else in the world other than EY.


    Given American’s origins as a refuge for escaped (and deported/exiled) criminals

    That knowledge had previously escaped me. As it turns out, it’s not precise –
    the colonies weren’t started for that reason, but criminals were</am> shipped here.

    From a 2015 article on the subject:
    ‘Some female convicts were transported to the American colonies as well,
    for crimes such as …’walk[ing] the streets after ten at night.’ ”

    From comments on that article:
    “The one thing I would point out is that quite a large portion of these “criminals”
    did nothing worse than being poor. Sending people to “debtors’ prison” was a
    pretty common practice at the time. In fact, I think most crimes that would
    justify the “criminal” label these days would have just got you hanged back
    then. I don’t think they were sending boatloads of convicted murderers over.”

    “An ancestor of mine turned their maid in for stealing the silverware in 1728.
    She was sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to transportation
    to the colonies, which was standard for female death sentences.”


    Ziongate: It s true that B”h there is a lot of Torah in Israel. But Akuperma’s remark about the government and the frie yidden there is also correct. Did you hear about the IDF?

    Avi K

    Joseph, of which spy are you a gilgul?

    1. So you believe in lifelong shnorring passed as an inheritance? Rabbenu Bachia and the Gra say that one cannot be called wise if one does not know the seven secular fields of wisdom.
    2. Even if it is some nut shooting randomly the people are dead.
    3. So come and vote for change.


    Avi KL I am happy living outside of New York (in a Blue state, where the goyim are not predominantly secular Jews, which probably explains why they are malicious towards us). I see no difference between a frum Jew “Schnorring” than from anyone who accepts government subsidies such as social security, WIC, SNAP, medicare, medicaid, student loans, subsidized or free education, not to mention corporate welfare (e.g. Amazon). At least our tradition is to make the schnorrer do something for the money so they feel like totally worthless. I find the presence of neighbors who routinely deal in mass murder and cosnider it normal (i.e. the Arabs) much more threatening than an occasional nut case.


    Re: Gilgul
    Boy, did you nail that one… ” They despised the land..”.
    The Spies were bigger talmidei chachamim than anyone today.
    So much so, that Moshe Rabbeinu gave Yehoshua a bracha, and Calev needed to daven at Mearat Hamachpeilah not to be influenced by their moireh’dige pilpulim, their svoros , which were deep and astounding.. Stronger arguments than the pitiful ones we se here and all over.. Yet, they were horribly wrong… Caused a bechiyah ledorot..
    Israel is the only country in the world that’s on the up & up, while every other country, including the USA is on the decline. All because Hashem is orchestrating it.. These people are in denial, they continue to spew venom, refuse to acknowledge the daily miracles, refuse to be good role models so that many chilonim might yet respect the religious way of life and do tshuvah themselves.
    Hashem is signaling… Come home… It’s not going to get better here. Hachacham with einov brosho sees what’s going on. We are not meant to stay here in this Golden Land..


    The city of PittsburgH has an “h” at the end.

    As for the rest, well, you’re supposed to be uncomfortable in America. There’s no mitzvah to live there.

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